building a bridge at the nonmembership association.
find a different point of view and take a good look at it.

many different people are saying many different things about many things. there are things we know about and there are things we don't know about. we take a special interest in the things we don't know about.

the nonmembership association is an association of nonmembers. they may or may not be associated with other nonmembers and anyone not wanting to be a nonmember is welcome to remain a nonassociated nonmember.

we like to believe that intelligent creatures can live in peace even with those who believe a different pack of lies. genocide is not the practice of intelligent creatures. them and us is a dangerous illusion on such a small fragile planet.


the rupununi of guyana
view the pictures from the documentary films shot by ernst hunsicker.
read about the forgotten land and digging for gold in the web.
visit some of guyana links to find out about guyana and its people.
john rah takes a bitting look at the third side of the coin. john rah world report, story and song index
john rah the word man. three sides are to a coin and john rah looks at the other side. the third side. other ways of looking at it. read on. we embark on a world of science fiction. the next big religion where all the monks can see.
visit the comic chicks at the jose wombat project
of course the jose wombat project isn't all about pictures of women.
there is also a wealth of writing.
short stories, articles and on line novels.

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