why is the nonmembership association

the nonmembership assoiciation is because there is no way around it

einstein told us everything was relative. nietzsche told us to honour those who think differently. mother teresa told us to love and have hope. gandhi told us to act.

art always takes a very important role in our culture. it expresses what we are feeling. van gogh was famous for his passion. blake said containing passion is for those who have passion that can be contained. plato told us the poet is a pure and winged thing.

art allows us the freedom to express what we feel. a few artists can move a generation to feel. the more art a culture has the more a culture can begin to understand what that culture feels.

art makes us what we are. and of course the other way around. we pursue knowledge and wisdom. if we aren't running from it. we cry out with our art. do something.

why the nonmembership association church of nonbelievers, agnostics and pagans:

1. why not.

2. why the fuck not.

3. a civil form of civil disobedience. it is no wonder ignorance propagation dictators go after the arts first. art has out lived every dictator. usually just before it's too late, and this is what matters now, the way we present our thoughts and that sort of thing but we don't want to get carried away. it is not a time for running amox, we are too deep into it. we have to get it right this time.

4. we are writing our own story. it is not a story told by one idiot and translated down the line, it is a tale told by everybody and it needs to grow through time. there is no excuse for not thinking and there is no excuse for believing what you have been told.

5. we usually try to have six of a thing. don't ask why.

6. and there were six.

'cause some how it is for people like jeff jones and he'd know why come and that's his real name and i don't know if gerry smith was maybe really gerry chong but if that's the only chinese name then i missed something so i don't know, but he was my roommate and he was some mad about some organization and organizations and associations and all this making of definitions to make one set of people different than another set of people, no matter how fuckin' banal the classifications of symbolic representations of some fantasy, or something like that, i add lib a little, but he was right and i was of the very same opinion though from different angles and for different reasons. that didn't matter. so i told him i'd make the nonmembership association and he'd be the first member. which happened, though he never got his nonmembership association membership card yet, in about 1984 where it got officially registered at the place you do that sort of thing for 50 dollars on bay street, or was it college. maybe it was yonge but that doesn't much matter so much. what matters is our decision.

so that's why.