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the nonmembership association
no nonsense writing, rave, ranting, stories and on line novels. the domain is lost since the war against freedom by george our rambo rampager but there is no connection. jose likes america, just not the right wing dictatorship. we will host the jose wombat project here. thanks to jose wombat and friends for having the courage to see things differently.
the speedqueen crew of multi media and musical mad men offer on line radio and direction to what is happening. home of breakbeatpunk. the band to change the way you hear it. some of it defies classification. there are many links to music zines. thanks to speedqueen for design work on this site.
mat sane and his team of german editors have taken the war personally. i understand his point. not everyone will understand where he is coming from. this isn't a news report for republicans but it may be of interest to those looking for other ways of perceiving world news. thanks to mat sane for his help on this site.

the nonmembership association is looking for a few partners. something that passes to the philosophy and nonsense we're trying to lay down here. on occasion, i say what i think, just trying out freedom of speech, mostly because i believe it is something we must keep no matter what marketing campaign is dropping bombs on who's marketing campaign. writing is always subjective. it's almost a law of physics. we accept, encourage and link other ways of looking at it. we reserve the right to be as wrong as the next guy.

we want a platform where we can rave on and poke at other ways of looking at it. there is a bit of a philosophy behind the thing but everyone is entitled to his or her own. we are more than happy to tell people where to find yours.