the nonmembership association

the nonmembership association is a place for john rah and friends to rave and jump up and down.

we have suffered a little in the internet crash. no one died but what was said is all behind us. and what is left to talk about here is, well, it's art man. words and sounds. never giving in. not quitting when they beat us underground. they aren't really real. if they are, they don't matter. no them and us. we take it back. and what not.

we are getting back up after a strange fall. and i think what we are mostly about is making a go at enjoying life. pagans dancing in the acid rain. fuck it. here we are. let's do something. what’s it matter if it matters or not.

we are part of it. we are a wake. the direction is billions of years in the making. don't believe any of the hype. they are fucking with you. us.