how we look at things dictates them. believe it and tell the future

we will go directly to the cat in the box once again.

"the one with the proton."

the quantum cat. there's actually some eastern beliefs that sound quite a bit like quantum mechanics.

"what's a quantum mechanic."

"the guy who works on your quantums so your cat don't die."

"i don't have a cat."

the idea is, we influence our world by looking at it.

"we need other ways of looking at it."

"exactactly, but let me lead up to it."

"go on then."

if you look at it from the earth point of view, it looks like it evolved life, perhaps 'will' is too religious to give to a planet but if a planet can evolve an intelligent life, the planet has a better chance of surviving.

"oh no."

"just listen."

"go on."

the planet went through a lot of trouble to get to any semblence of stability. it's a big ball of megma with some rocks floating on it. not so stable but much more stable than megma flying around in space not even having any order through gravity.

"the point."

the point is, you don't get that many magma balls that can spin around a fire ball, then cool up a little crust so it can get down to making land where one day plants and other forms of this not yet visible life thing got under way.

for some necessity of life, we started finding creatures that could see very small parts of it. these life things learned in their small way to survive.

millions and billions of life forms find ways to be but only one life form realized it might mean something. of course this life form also couldn't see very far and came to conclusions after gathering only small bits of information.

this was amazing progress. very few planets ever had the skill and admiditly so much luck.

but here we are, third megma ball from one of the mighty slow gods.

with the co-operation of these fairly new fast life creature, the earth may have found a way to out live the sun. and that after helping the sun to live several billion years longer.

all it has to do is develop intelligent life that understands that it can't see god because it is standing on it.

not only do we have to stop being fucking idiots, we have to start getting a little more focused.

no matter how you look at it, call the earth a wet megma ball or a slow god, it created us. to have any gods before the earth is sacrelige. no matter how you look at it, if we don't put the survival of the earth as our number one priority.

"don't make it sound too religious."

"good point. forget religion and stick to the obvious."

"which is."

"no earth, no humans."

"and what do you propose."

"we start to believe it."

"that is a perfect place to end this vision bit."

"right you are, let's make a mission."

a god free church