thanks to the people who like me, the rest of you can fuck off.

there are a few hundred people i want to thank. a list could be put together but there are too many names from the many years. and spelling of names is something your humble narrator is not good at. doing. as well as other things. but one thing was getting people to like me even if they didn’t like what i was doing.

some tried telling me what i should not or could not do, they always belonged to some kind of organization that specialized in telling people how to think and act. some of them were okay. the people. and their being wrong, in my opinion, helped solidify my belief that it was not necessarily good to believe. what someone else told someone else about things what they didn’t really know about but believed anyhow. they had be told by someone else who was told by someone else that is was better just to follow. the way like everyone else.

or some bullshit.

thank fuck. that is what i say. not often but more than once. best thing is falling in love. i don’t even know if it’s gonna work out, this last one, but she sure does get my crank crankin’ and when it comes up to it, it’s getting ones ass up to do something that always leads to something. that’s where i can thank those who came before me and did something far out with their music or writing or whatever and stuff.

thanks anne. even if we don’t get together, you woke me up with a glance. you are a rare creature and it is an inspiration to know that you are really there. like angels are real.

thanks all you fuckers. thanks for the love. hugs and kisses. keep it coming.