what is the nonmembership association

the begining of recognizing that the fan is full of shit.

it is a dream, a dream a curious boy has kept over many years.

“hey, fuck, who are you.”

but no one was there. just a strange feeling. that the world was upside down. and that’s where your humble narrator started as a boy. nothing made sense but everything else didn’t fit. like that william what’s his name said. lot’s of shit people do all about nothing. so why the big fuss. like why believe stuff that fucks up your life.

the nonmembership association isn’t about ripping down all the other stupid religions. they wanna be stupid, let ‘em. blowin’ em up only makes them worse. take a look at when they burned christians and fed the raw ones to lions. they just got more. fuckin’ forget ‘em. which of course is impossible if you got a bunch in the family like i do. so you gotta deal. and cope. and show a little patients. patience. they been taught this stuff for 6,000 years and even people who believe wrong stuff, which even if you ain’t got religion you might have another fuck up in one direction or another. someone told me once i had one too. a fuckin’ lier but with a point.

we all gotta have lovin’. that what it mostly boils down to. that and the bones.

and if the catholics wanna come visit. that’s okay. just leave your crosses at the door. believe what you want, just not here.

all what we really wanna do, us all here at the noma conagapa, is get people to stop believing all the bullshit. and most religion people say to me, why would you bother, just let it go. well no. i won’t. i’ve watched my family burn slowly in the church of lies. so i think i got a good reason to try save even my own mind by making a church with everything the other way around, like how trees and animals think. right. start not believing and get on with it. it does matter. if you believe stupid shit. it stuffs up your fucked head. and you wanna go killing someone. or telling them to go to hell. we don’t need that shit no more.

that should make it clear. if not. read on. there’s a plethora of word entertainment.

stop believing