behind the nonmembership association are the words

in the beginning, there were words.

the story behind the nonmembership association

now that we find ourselves in a world of science fiction, post dot com loser, john rah starts up underground no budget event with a few of his friends. most of whom demand to remain anonymous, like jose wombat don’t even want me to mention his name here.

the story is everywhere. and the book has been written. the first book of second manifestation still awaits a publisher. it ain’t always an advantage to be light years ahead of your time. usually it’s a distracting pain in the fuckin’ cranium.

if you came for the music, go to the root. hit the top picture. if you want more, there are hundreds of pages of original writings here. if you like it, ask them in the book store for academanica. the first book of second manifestation. when it comes down to it. that’s what we are trying to support here. the writer. in the end, the words. the story

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