digging for gold in the web

e-business in the wilderness.

at the world trade summit in okinawa which took place between july 21 and july 23, 2000, the members of the g8 passed a "charta on the global information society". they announced their intention to help developing countries to get economical access to the internet. fostering international understanding and effectively fighting poverty in the 3rd world were goals formulated in the charta.

there are amerindians in the outback of guyana - in the savannah of the rupununi - who already use the web to sell their hammocks world wide. we did our research in the internet and made our first contact with the amerindians by e-mail. we were invited to visit them with our camera.

the question we wanted to look into with our camera was weather or not it is feasible for the amerindians to share in the benefits of the world market and become a model for other developing countries.

with amerindian guides as company, we were trekking through the jungle, riding horseback over the savannah and taking an old range rover through marshes and rivers. each place we saw we learned more about the various steps in the making of hammocks.

in a small amerindian village we met leroy, young amerindian, who took us on an adventurous trip to 'bone mountain'. he shared his vision of ecco archeo tourism with us. it was his intention to be a guide

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