be somebody else. somebody else can do it.

john rah letters to the angels underground is a pen to paper project.
john rah has written on the wall. read and expand your domain of reality.

john rah quotes. only nothing doesn't matter and it has no way to be.
stop believing the hype and dare to understand some philosophy.

jurnidit review news from inside and out of the empire
jurnidit review tears at all our convictions, random creeds and beliefs.
look at john rah's way of seeing it. jurnidit review invites other ways of seeing it.

steve howard retells the holy bloody torah 2009 holy scriptures
steve howard retells the new new testament. barbaralba bible.
steve howard's long awaited castle city manifest

john rah in the sun

john rah in the sun

john rah music

visit youtube for
john rah songs
and rants.

barbaralba bible
pagan's protest.

too much traffic for my server. but not to worry,
youtube has been kind enough to allow us as much traffic as we want.
so for live movies, visit my youtube channel. we still have two projects here.
make many more random references
out of the trash
Fuck Off You Pricks

john rah has the look. he sees what others travel the world looking for. take a short trip with john rah to canada, turkey, germany, mountains of italy or guyana south america. look at the other side of it. 2007 is looking good

it's the next big event. the real thing.
for those looking for the angel in us.

the real live rock 'n' roll, the making of the big event, documentary of musicians coming together after 30 years.
john rah' dream band. kids of the seventies.
still to come. don't hold your breath. also, never give up. archives for those brave enough to think about it

nonmembership association : the front door to the original jose wombat project, the back door to antikult. an introduction to noma conagapa.

the jose wombat project: the manipulation of history. clever entertainment. building the foundation of subnet/codemode communication.

here is something wild, an old guest book from web 1 the blog before blogs supporters : steve howard photographer.

bill chase foundation of geniuses and master minds : it is a business. speculating on a long term investment.