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make many more random references

except for opening and closing,
all songs recorded christmas 2003

thanks to anne for energy and inspiration
thanks to luis for telling me what i needed to know

and thanks to a host of friends for the love, hugs and kisses
01 ------ opening

02 ------ fuckin' loser

03 ---- love song for anny

04 ------------- kill the enemy

05 ----- blood splattered banner

06 ---------- i wanna be stupid

07 ------------ whiskey in a jar

08 -- micheal rowed the boat

09 ------ blowing in the wind

10 ------------ i wanna be free

11 ----------------------- mother

12 ----------- don't be so far down

13 ------------- whatever babe

14 --------------- closing

john rah

gabe lee / john rah

john rah

john rah

tradional / john rah text

john rah


traditional / john rah text

bob dylan

john rah

roger waters

john rah

john rah

john rah

recorded and produced by john rah in john rah kitchen studio.

an otopoping vogel free recording.