for angels underground

we are something different in the universe.
we can chose to matter.

believe it and think it. for angels underground

philosophy thing though somewhat fantastic, everything is true. 
philosophy thing es ist keine schande, menschlich zu sein. 
philosophy thing evolution is reformation of the elements. 
philosophy thing the wise things we think to record as a warning for those who follow have already been ignored in the forgotten past. 
philosophy thing start applying meaning to everything and nothing makes sense. 
philosophy thing when you sense the truth you will hide under the blanket of the safest lie. 
philosophy thing great machines think alike. great minds think differently. 
philosophy thing as long as the lie is impossible to believe many will give their lives for it. 
philosophy thing people are the same everywhere. it is the lies they believe that differ. 
philosophy thing we underestimate our ability to forget. it is one of our greater talents. 
philosophy thing tell a true believer they are mistaken. tell a fish about flying. 
philosophy thing the chance of anything such as this is nearly impossible. 

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