john rah letter to

letter 01.36.01

i don't know man. it seems clear enough to me.

i think most of the hype you've had is from mad men. christian's using you as an excuse to burn angels. perhaps this exactly backwards thing is simple. lucifer is the church. the enemy of knowledge. rather mute obedience.

you were saul. and took over the church with him. and the final cut with bushit.

fuck that.

game over. tax the church. and put a warning sign on the doors to all places of worship. it is the devil's work to make one believe the lie that one must die to have life.

see if that don't piss 'em off.

_peace duck stop_

in case someone didn't read the other letters. everything is true. to various degrees. for a moment. believe what is.

_bunny stop_

mostly, i think it's abuse of language.

i'm going to look for mention of you one more time in the christian's bible. i don't remember much mention of you in the tanakh. i have vague memories of michael. was that you. it's all so hazy. and blatantly ridiculous.

1 corinthians 15 vs. 26 the last enemy to be defeated will be death.

i don't know. eternity is a long time. even the universe will die. god is full of hot air here. and saying he's the one true one. it's the road to dictatorship. all under one god.

heaven forbid.

_peace duck stop_

okay, mentioned in revelation 12. devil or satan. i'll guess they means you. the book is such an acid trip. sounds like intergalactic war half the time. an ancient war. and here they are fighting the angels with ignorance. all nonsense. we have a snake, a lizard, in our brain. it's part of us. it's evil. as we perceive evil. it isn't. evil does not apply to a lizard. action & reaction. a hellish dream world.

_peace duck stop_

i can't imagine daniel, in chapter 10. a vision. name apparently michael. a prince of the first rank. here we go. daniel 12. it will be a time of trouble. it's sort of like the revelation stuff. it's anything but clear. i think it's armageddon propiganda.

i think some of the people responsible for writing bits in that book actually believed it how they said it. they had a different language and saw the world different.

letter 01.36.03