john rah letter to


i suppose we'll give it a go. if we waste paper on bushit, we can use my last paper for a little devil protocol. they have accused me of being your advocate. it's silly. i don't believe that you are an entity. you dwell, however, among us.

and it's good to have someone to blame everything on.

if i had been eve, i would also eat from the tree of knowledge.

not all devil music is good.

_peace duck stop_

duality is good for a two dimensional world. we aren't in one. you or god. both lose. like coke or pepsi. no thanks. there exists a much bigger world. i'd take a cold coke now though. over pepsi. personal reasons. i like orange crush better than fanta.

_peace duck stop_

people have told me it is a trick of yours to make me believe you don't exist. i think it was a trick of mine.

_bunny stop_

a fallen angel, some call you.

in your case, the story might be inside out. it certainly is fucked up.

i just checked with genesis again. the serpent it says. fucking insane really. some chick chatting with a snake in the garden. eats an apple. let's say, she takes a taste of the tree of knowledge.

this is an important chapter. and i am in defense of the serpent. there is no doubt that knowledge is fuckin' dangerous. but a planet can benefit from having conscious beings. this is the almost missed point of the story. it's just one of the few surviving stories. our loss of innocence. innocence is childhood. it's also the wrong word. it's closer to ignorance. not stupidity. just lack of awareness. awareness is new on the planet. it looks like one creature has moved quickly into this niche. a niche. that required billions of years of evolution.

a fuckin' brutal trip.

eat and be eaten.

we can see it now. it was written as a story of two lovers snapping into awareness. it was neither good nor evil; it was evolution. right in resent history. and still not vollkommen. here at the beginning.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.36.02