john rah letter to

dear beth :

i sure am glad we had that what we had together. it was so light and easy. like we dropped into another world for about 36 hours.

are you someone famous. i haven't seen you in any movies. i haven't seen all of them though. as well, i think i'll not write now. i'll explain why you are here when i return.

_peace duck stop_

things is. i knew you had a boy friend so i didn't think i'd be seeing you naked. it hadn't occurred to me. we had talked often and we seemed to enjoy it. someone had told me to take notice of you one time. she is so, and whatever he said. i wasn't as impressed as he was.

he might have seen that you were a woman.

i only remembered twice that this is sunday.

life goes on; where were we. genocide. though not much about it is anything anyone should want to think about. it's still very popular.

we should remember that it's a big world. or forget it. which ever helps. what's stuck in my head is that this is an excellent place. chestnuts are falling in the courtyard. and the clock makes some sound.

i'd still be curious to see what might show in your eyes if we chanced to meet. not likely now. but, no offence, there are many angels, i'll look for it where i, anyhow, that 'bout raps it for tonight. maybe we'll fish out a thought. a story. next time.

_peace duck stop_

how can one choose a religion after seeing more than one.

_peace duck stop_

many discoveries are by mistake. which puts perfection at a disadvantage. nowhere to go. it is lucky for us that we forget. so we can learn things over and over.

_bunny stop_

the truth. ah. it's a funny concept. to ask for ultimate truth, like buddha said, everything changes, all the time. nothing is ultimate. it is something to poke at with our curious minds, if we care to.

people like to follow. it makes it tempting to tell them where to go. the hitch is, if you don't go their. metaphysics. talking about the what it is we think we are. fuckin' mad primates. so let us move on to the ignored question.

how to be.

what to do.

how the fuck would i know. well, i'll tell ya, i did some research. you gotta praise the day, thank fuck or a fish that you ain't dead yet.

and make sure you don't go out that door if you want me on the floor.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.32.02