john rah letter to

dear grant:

are you still fuckin' the farm animals.

i don't blame you either way.

things change, from without and with in. except that i still like good grass better than good hash. i don't know how many people have heard the story about the night we were smoking oil off coals. until we were very stoned. it was a stoned situation. practically in the middle of no where. in a barn with sheep, goats and chickens.

world report.

i'm at the river. there is still sun. and quite warm. like an indian summer thing. so i'll leave for now and watch the people or the cars on the other side of the river. flying by.

_peace duck stop_

i really don't like shoes. especially when they are strangling my feet.

a stranger charmed me. she did the young and beautiful thing. i'm fairly used to it. it's this silent communication that hooks me. keeps me believing in magic.

nothing has no way of happening. but sometimes it seems to add up to that much.

_bunny stop_

fuck it. blue oyster cult live. and i'm fuckin' hungry. if i don't get to the dentist this year, i'll have to next. everything is forever but it never stays the same. most everything is not known about. the rest gets forgotten. which makes it clear but doesn't change much from this perspective.

is it break time yet.

_flower stop_

what should we go at for our last entry for this evening.

religion then. which makes me think of the summer sundays when we left church early to do dirt road racing. it was a rally so we had to obey speed limits unless we pulled over, opened the trunk of your mustang and pulled some cold drinks out of the cooler. then we'd have to get that 351 cleveland humming. and the dirt flying. i have no idea what place we ever came in. the other people seemed to be there so it was a happening.

leave two roads on your left. other than that, the sun and the dust flying behind us. when we might have been in church. looking at the teenagers with hot dresses, pumps and party make-up. pretty fuckin' weird, having to look at so many delicious creatures and try to think of something other than which legs would fit nicely on your ears.

shit. they don't got churches like that here.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.31.02