john rah letter to

dear mom:

duck fuck bunnie slut whore bitch cunt shit

is enough to keep you from getting to the second line where we talk of nothing of the sort. i wasn't going to write you because you don't wanna know what i'm writing. it's better that way. no fear of offending you.

you got no fuckin' reason to be offended. i'm this style so i gotta go with it. the religion you gave me sucks. most religions suck. i know you think i must be bad if i don't like your stupid religion. i ain't no badder than i would be if i was still brain washed.

that's not funny. i know.
but religion must go.
it's making us all hate.
love was only the bate.

_peace duck stop_

i got a fuck of alot of typing to do. or i need a fuckin' secretary. or two.

_peace duck stop_

i wonder some times what i would be had i not been dropped into a christian family. probably a hockey player or dentist. like what if i win a lottery and get to be britney spears or kate bush i'm trying to think of paris hilton's name.

i'd rather be me. unless i could be latitia casta. but she's already taken.

let's jump on your sister for a second.

she's out of her head. believing the jews to be the chosen race and bushit to be a man of god. there are none of those things. a race may choose to claim that it is chosen by the one true god. it doesn't make it so. it is an illusion. one, because if there was a god, it wouldn't decide to pick one race out of many to have the rights to heaven at death for the handing over of one's life. unless god was a cunt. or prick.

it would be like having 12 kids and liking only one, while kursing the rest. we know the story.

and bushit is a fuckin' idiot pawn of satin.

but you know that so let's say something nice.

i've enjoyed my life so far. you and dad did a pretty good job at making me fit for life. most people love me. the sun king. shaman. brownie meister

i don't get layed enough though. and that sucks.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.30.02