john rah letter to

dear barbaralba:

my month of not writing is over. i've seen anny and something tells me we have lost contact. and it is me that i wonder about. mostly because i keep wondering about you. you were supposed to be from another world.

everything is fiction, which may help the reader but not the writer. the writer always knows the story behind the story. pure fiction is nonsensical nonsense.

do you understand english.

i'm certain i mentioned your sudden appearance. if you had been raised in the hinterland of guyana, you would know that my love was yours. which is crazy and i would hardly believe it if i didn't still love, well, what i want to say is, i can't help falling in love with women who look at me a certain way. it makes summer days very pretty some times. but i'm caught in indecision. which drives them away before they get to me.


but i don't believe it. i think i'm just fucked up from taking it all so seriously. i think something will change. i'm working at it.

_bunnie stop_

i am greedy for love. it ain't doing my love life any good. i think of her and i think of you. for me you are one but i have seen that you are two.

_duck stop_

the media is madness. it's a parasitic verblotungs machine.

so beware. it isn't funny even if one is aware that everything is privately owned by slime.

the truth is. i want to feel your lips on mine.

_duck stop_

some people, even those educated in a fine school system, believe laws have been made for the good of the people. they don't know that governments used to be roaming bandits, good at terrorizing farmers and small town folk, without an 's', you illiterates, and taking money instead of a brutal ass whippin'.

and it is still like that. steal from the poor and get fuckin' rich.

_bunnie stop_

the thing is, my dear barbaralba, i think they are mocking us. cnn, for example, it's so obviously propiganda for the white house and cia, nsa and military. and there is no attempt to hide the fact. and to top it off, they get the biggest

letter 01.19.02