john rah letter to
big boy

big boy:

i've gone and shot my mouth off against the cotton industry in one of these letters so it makes it difficult. what is a diffi cult. i always was one. anti is another word for diffi. it might appear to be more diffi cult to sell hemp. but it has marketing advantages.

for example. people buy clothes, sometimes even 'cause they need them, so instead of contributing to an old dirty industry, or plastic oil products. why the fuck not feel good about supporting an industry that has been denied 70 years of development. if everyone demands hemp, because they love their planet and want to keep it.

then we can get to them that way. cheep is out. pride for your planet is in.

save the world, buy a hemp hat.

with way cool, john rah original antikult logo.

i'd wear one.

_duck stop_

often when i chance to talk about going into space i hear something about people starving in africa. and what the usaers should rather do with their money. which is simply wrong. africa needs help. war has to stop. we have to protect life. because we can and we are part of it. we are the guardians by default.

up until now we are doing many things wrong with this toy we call technology. if technology is used only for brain washing and killing, it's gonna get a bad name. technology can be clean. in fact, it is necessary in a closed system. it's simple math. kill your calculators and add 2+2.


i will not accept, either, that nasa owns space. what is with this gotta fuckin' own everything at every cost madness. you can't patent everything. patents are for assholes with no imagination to come up with something new. china and europe will go to space. with russia and japan.

not going into space won't help anyone in africa. stop blaming africa for our lust for war and our obvious fear of the unknown.

fuck war. it does get tedious after a few million years.

_bunny stop_

letter 01.18.02