john rah letter to

dear peter:

i put my maynard ferguson mix from the 60's on to start your letter. i just spent the day making my home studio more like a studio. i'd tell you about it but it doesn't matter. it is beautiful and modest with balcony to backyard. shared by quite a few trees, birds, cats, bats and many humans.

i was taking an extremely short break in my hammock and i remembered sitting in my big mercury markie with you and a 12 pack of 50 ale. cooled with ice from holiday inn. we were at the drive-in watching one movie and could see the other movie on the other screen. it was the blues brothers movie. there was no questioning what our next movie would be.

before you get confused about my intention with this letter, maybe even a little suspicious, i'll tell ya.

as soon as i find the funding, john rah kitchen studio will film, on video, the true documentary, like a few who have come before us. and when i can track down the others, we'll make a cd. i know where two others are. i'm hoping to find doug for drums. he's in the same city as mikie.

no world tour.

it's the cd, or record. it's the right balance.

_bunny stop_

i'm gonna write a book. my escape from christianity.

_duck stop_

had i known i wanted to write and play guitar with 18, i wouldn't have taken architecture in college. with 18 i could hardly read, so i wasn't going to university for journalism or ancient literature. with 22 i knew i would only finish college so i could put that on my album. like all the guys in queen. and pink floyd. and it was backwards thinking but i wanted to stay and finish college. i was doing something all the time. learning to read and start making straight a's in english. my teachers in public school and high school likely would be surprised.

me too.

the whole thing seems surprising.

fiction crossover life.

books, i must say, are worth reading and writing. discovering books is waking up to the universe. that puts a different perspective on things. read on.

letter 01.11.02