steve howard's update of the new testament


The Gospel According to MARK


chapter 10

Okay people, a little history lesson to understand the nature of Kings at the time of the writing of the Jesus Christ conspiracy.

Kings were and are almost always, with likely few exceptions, save Jesus, real rich from murdering and plundering. They have no reverence for life other than their own. And they really like to make babies. Like the lion. Kill babies of other fathers to make room for the new lion’s babies. It is how it was: go ahead and ask any honest man and he’ll tell you he believes it. It is the nature of a man. A woman may be happy with only a few men.

Solomon is said to have had 400 wives and 600 concubines. Which means 1,000 women. And he could. He was the son of David. The great murdering King of plunder. For sure that’s exaggerated by about ten times but it brings the point home.

This we accept as holy. And we are told worship the god of the most vile murdering tyrants. Or be excommunicated with severe prejudice.

‘Cause we are stupid sheep.

And I’ll tell you one real good reason to make having sex with only your spouse, a law to be burned by.

The king wants the first son. Not as a bloody burnt offering, for Christ’s sake. He wants to have the woman’s virginity on the wedding night. Maybe the man’s too.

And this is part of the evidence I bring forward to suggest that the bloodline father of Jesus was not David through his father Joseph.

But his father Herod.

And when you understand that that could be true, for it no longer matters if it was or wasn’t, you will understand why Jesus Christ is said to have said that adultery is a sin. He didn’t even believe in sin. The writers of the godless book are paid by the horny Kings. They will tell you what they want you to believe Jesus Christ said.

For Christ Sake. Adultery is a big scam.

Then he says be nice to children again. We should pay attention to children. Not because it is good for them. Because it is good for us. The instinct of a child hasn’t been raped by laws and fears. We, adults, can actually learn from children. They are not the aliens.

And Jesus Christ told us rich people shouldn’t try to take their camel to heaven. Even if they are willing to pay for the extra weight.

“No he didn’t.”

“Yes he did. He also said. Bloody hell, I think I stepped on a nail.”



What Jesus said.

Jesus is dead, listen to me, you very fucking humble narrator.

I only want 6 or 8 women. 3 singing eunuchs on Tuesdays. Sandy beach and a small cabin with a nice kitchen facing south. With god, everything is possible. So let’s get with god.

“Let’s be the gods.”

“Let us become what we are.”

Jesus tells his boys again how his death will be staged.

They don’t understand the difference between staged and reality. No one does. That is why the event had so much effect. Even if it didn’t happen and they are just personifying astrology. Make a personal story.

This here is the ticket to getting the picture. The brain has a very hard time understanding the difference between real and fantasy. This is what makes us so easy to manipulate. It is what makes television so very dangerous.

“Magazine and news papers too.”

“Don’t interrupt. We got clarity happening here.”

“Oh, well, blessed are those who get it.”

We think we know that it is fantasy what we see continually rammed down our throats, but it get locked in our brains and no matter how much we think it doesn’t, it tells us what to do. And that is why television should be illegal for people under 80.


“Okay, 83.”

One can use this knowledge to their advantage. For example, if one wants to be a rock hero then pretending to be is part of the work. Especially if you imagine the right notes to play. You will also need to practice, of course.

But reality has a way of smashing down fantasy. Eventually it becomes known and all the preaching and the killing will be rejected by the children without television. The empire rots and falls in on itself.

“Is that true.”

“Nothing is true. Everything is bent on change.”

This time James and John, real blood brothers, or half brothers.

They left their mother at home this time. Mark, I believe, did not like women one little bit. Not like a homosexual that took no sexual interest, or little in women, but like Moses, a man who hated women.

And I ain’t the first to see it. In fact, it is a fairly well known fact of critics of monotheistic religions that hating women is top priority.

“Flogging, whipping mountain of pigeon excrement, you thick skulled Jewish dimwits. An evil tyrant will take a throne and rape heaven violently to play his power game. But I have told you again and again. The riches of heaven are not the accumulation of slaves and gold. Goddamn it. Were you not listening this whole time.”

“Sorry. Jesus Christ.”

Everyone at that time would suspect Jesus was the son of Herod. He was too important a figure not to be and not be assassinated.

But no one wanted Mary to be regarded as a rape victim or Jesus a bastard child.

So they called out to him. vs. 47: “Jesus! Son of David ...” EQ.

Maybe through his mother he was the son of David. David was a typical lion. He killed all of Saul’s family to replace it with his. Stuck the grandsons on stakes to bake in the sun as an offering to the grain god. King fucking David. Holy like murdering Moses.

They all thought of themselves as lions. For us perhaps hard to understand because we have heard it told that we are now civilized.

“Civilized slaves and tyrants.”

It’s a little pathetic. On the other hand, it makes it real easy to do it better. Anything would count.

Then a blind man comes, get’s healed. Jesus says go, so he follows. He had a fat hairy ass so there was no need to take him out of town.

“You got something against fat hairy asses. Fuck.”

chapter 11

So Jesus tells his disciples to go to the home of his friend Darwin called Charles and tell him Jesus needs a colt. Mark wants it to be an ass never sat on by a human. Instead of an ass and a colt like Matt told us.

So they go and Charles is in preparing tea for his friend, called Friedrich named Nietzsche.

“What are you doing there.”

“Picking up an ass for Jesus Christ.”

“Jesus Christ. Hey Charlie, you want these guys taking your ass for Jesus Christ.”

“Hi. Peter. James.”

“Hey, Charlie.”

“Hi Charlie. Jesus needs your ass for the ride into Jerusalem show. We can’t convince him to call off this bloody hanging on a cross nonsense. The guy get’s an idea in his head and you have to chop it off to get it out.”

“That our man. Good luck to you with you parade. I hope you pull it off. It will make explaining that the world is much older than 6,000 years much easier.”

“I’ll tell him you said so.”

“We’re all with him, tell him, the worshipping of lies must come to an end. What he’s doing is a brilliant move. Long live Jesus.”

“The animals will take the power back.”

Friedrich and Charles laughed and gave the disciples food and tea for their hike back to Jesus.

Then it came to pass that Jesus rode on in to Washington on a virgin ass to perform one of the most famous shows in written history. Or at least so the story goes. Like the story before it in Egypt. Like the astrologers pointed out with the stars and the new moon lining up with Jupiter and the cross star formation and the thorny crown being the sun of our solar system that would eventually pass out of the water sign of myopic men’s club propagated slave mentality ignorance.

“Shut up already. And it came to pass that Washington hadn’t been invented yet. It was Jerusalem, the city of multi-monotheistic religions. And they only made it as far as Bethany the first day.”

Gideon vs. 10: “Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest.” EQ.

That is worth reading twice. I’ll wait.

“Okay. Why did we read it twice.”

“Kingdom of David. Joseph was not the bloodline of Jesus. A Roman Lord was.”

“So the fuck what.”

“Well, exactly.”

And anyhow, it doesn’t matter who is related to who. We are 99.5% the exact same creature. Every last one of us. We are hardly different from any of the other primates. What man begat what man is simply not relevant. Silly men’s club power fuck trip fantasy. Hate to break it to you.

What matters is that a bastard child ripped a big gaping hole in the side of the God lie. Exposing the men’s holy priest club as a big fucking scam. A hateful brutal ruling class power trip that is a fucking sickness and a disgrace. And we will awaken.

“The best musicians are already in hell. That’s where the party is.”

“There are no Jews, it’s just a marketing gag.”

Any bastard child from anywhere that rips a hole in the side of the sinking one almighty god lie is a man after the will of Jesus.

Blessed be those who know Jesus.

Tear down the temples.

Or make community halls of them.

And Mark makes a complete mess of the curse a fig tree story. He makes Jesus look like a brat punk ass ignoramus. And like we said with Matt, the bit about cursing a fig tree and having it die is fiction. Just like picking up a hill and throwing it into the sea upon a wish. Physics is a wild and still mostly unknown state of affairs but some generalization can be made.

And then Jesus, after his ass to Jerusalem ride had been performed, walked into the synagogue and kicked over chairs, maybe with humans on them.

“What the hell are you slugs of hell doing here. Did Moses make a law to burn pigeons so the priests of paranoia can make extra cash.”

“Ya. Burn a pigeon for God; buy 6 get one free.”

“You say this is a temple of God, a place of worship and it is a den of thieving lying tyrannical women hating murdering pricks.”


Then the stupid logic, how come you can say such things. Who are you to question authority.

“Who was John the Baptist.”

“How big is a fish.”

“When are we here.”

The men’s club is done. The age of slavery is nearing its long awaited end. The ruling class can finally go fuck themselves and not the rest of life on planet paradise.

“Amen, pass the butter.”

chapter 12

Okay. Then it came to pass that Jesus told the story about the stupid owner of a vineyard that let it out to murdering thieves.

After the murdering of several of the owner’s servants and slaves, the owner was stupid enough to send his one and only son.


No one is that stupid.

But as usual, the story is meant to mean something other than it tells. Jesus wanted to illustrate that the priests keep having everyone killed who dare to question the laws of Moses. That tyrants rule and every word they speak is hypocritical gibberish.

They tell us, therefore we can say they lie to us, that Jesus wanted us to put the Lord before everything else.

“What Lord.”

“The one and only true Lord.”

“Which one is that.”

“The one that rules the land and kills everyone he don’t like.”

The priests knew Jesus was talking about them. Because unlike the believers of horror fairy tales, the priests know when someone is calling them on their holier than thou scam. Jesus always spoke against the priests and the synagogue. He was made to contradict the accumulated ignorance of his ancestors. Jewish nonsense, Christian nonsense, Islam nonsense and all the other nonsense that has been born out of these cancerous mind viruses.

And you can kill those who are not blind and speak out against the holy thieving murdering tyrants but the rebels will always come back. It is in our instinct to fight against dangers that threaten our lives. And there is no danger worse than that of the ruling class lie. The holy temple of servitude.

It’s evolution. We will become the gods. 13.7 billion years of momentum makes it so. A few murdering lying pricks can be dealt with.

And if you use the Emperor’s money, the Federal Reserve Mafia Bank, or any other money on the planet, unless you are very wealthy, you will pay taxes. So the self-appointed pricks can live in the decadence of depravity.

People were amazed at what Jesus was saying.

Partly because they were easily amused. Partly because for thousands of years the authority has been murdering those who dare question authority. Especially if they flatly say, the holy tyrants are a pack of thieving lying murdering pricks. Even if it is an obvious truth.

Then the stupid question. What if a woman marries seven brothers as they die off under her. Who is stuck with her in heaven.

“Bloody hell, you stupid Priests. Do you really believe heaven is somewhere other than here.”

“No. Not really, but it is a good way to keep stupid people quiet. Saves on soldiers.”

“Forget marriage laws. Some fucking fuck wit writes a fucked up law in a fucked up book and you ask me who the hell is going to be stuck with the woman in heaven. Well, obviously whoever fucked her first owns her. Morons. How about you ask the woman. And my guess is she’ll say keep those seven Jewish women hating idiots away from me. I’d rather fuck a robot. At least they don’t drool when they eat.”

“Can you say that.”

“Go fuck yourself.”

“With what.”

“If you think there is a God that is the God of long dead asshole pimp Abraham, his sister/wife’s bastard son Isaac and his backstabbing deceiving thieving second son of a bitch, Jacob who Isaac never ever liked because he was such a lying pussy, then you truly are an idiot death cult brain dead zombie cluttering up the paradise of the gods.”

“But that isn’t what the book says.”

“Men wrote the book. Life is God. The creatures of it are the gods.

The most important commandment is this: Love Life with all your heart and love your fellow man. Even if they are a bunch of mislead morons.

What else do you bumbling idiots need to be told.

Stop sacrificing animals to your death cult God and obey these two laws.

Repeated, less you forget.

Love life. Love one another.

And you will see how quickly the kingdom of heaven will be visible to all on Earth. You will see that it is not a kingdom. It is and we are in it. All laws, other than physics, are man made. Not man and woman made but man made. Manipulating mad men made.

“Right on Jesus.”

“Thanks Charles.”

Then the question: is Jesus the son of David.

“No. I am the bastard child of Herod. But so what. Learn a little bloody biology and you will not ask such retarded questions. 99.5 percent of each and every one of us is the same. That means, for those of you slow to understand, that it doesn’t matter sweet fuck all what man had what son. In fact is it double stupid for it is women who bare children and men are but walking sperm banks. And look at the history of the planet you fools. We have been living, interbreeding dying and being reincarnated for over 4 billion years on one little planet. And we all share the same ancestors. Each and every one of us. Anyone who thinks or claims that there is a chosen race or that there is a chosen ruling class if a fucking idiot.”

Now people, if you think Jesus said verse 44 you have not been paying attention.

Read verse 40 first:

GNB Vs. 40: “They take advantage of widows and rob them of their homes, and then make a show of saying long prayers. Their punishment will be all the worse.” EQ.

Then, after calling them a pack of low life scum slug thieves. Which is true. Still is true and will hold true as long as there are figureheads of law and religion.

They pop in the dung about a poor woman giving all her money, which is little but more than what rich people give, which, though much more, is less. It’s a percentage thing.

And it’s true enough. All is more than some.

But tear down the temples or make them into secular community halls. I will not stand for this shit anymore.

The woman gave all her money because she was a bloody paranoid fool. A simpleton. A frightened peasant beaten under the curse of the priests.

She believed it was better to give her money. All of it. So no food for her or her children. To a holy lie.

So that - repeat verse 40.

Come on people. Wake the fuck up.

The Synagogue, Church, Moshe, what the bible is constructing, is a business. The business of bullshit and repeat verse 40.

Thieving lying bastards. Leave the poor people their money to buy the food you have stolen and locked behind fences. Pricks.

“But there are so many poor people. If all the poor keep their hard earned money for themselves how will the priests afford to have slaves wipe their asses with golden toilet paper after shitting in their golden toilets.”

“Fuck ‘em. Remove them of their relevance. Now and forever.”

mark chapters 13 - 15