john rah essay

Underground in Nova Scotia
Anyone who believes their Religion to be ordained by the one true god, will not venture to question the validity of their belief. Their mind is set for life. Their life.

I'm going back to that world. The Baptists.

My Biography could be called: escaping Christian dogma.

"Millions can't be wrong."

Not only millions.

We haven't quite evolved out of the tyrant gone mad in paradise faze.

They will always want me to join them on their ticket to heaven.

"We are sitting in it."

The worst thing is worrying about remembering to set the alarm.

Well out of reach.

_duck stop_

I didn't think this would be about religion but I see now that I am antikult. Born into the God of Israel. Christ the son of god.

"But look, all it's about is the rich marauding murderers who kill, rape and rob enough to afford a royal palace.

David, he makes Hitler and Franko look like boys scouts."

"Ya, but it was God's will that everyone David wanted slaughtered weren't blessed by the one true Lord God.

There is no reasoning with the accepted top 10 Religion People.

Everyone else does it.

Even little things.

_bunny stop_

Religion may have saved us on a few scary nights; in general, it has enslaved us. Nowhere was it clearer to me than my last time in South America.

They were actively Christianizing the earliest settlers. They had different beliefs.

Had. They have been brainwashed clear by the holy blood of the lamb.

Eat shit.

Give us your gold.

Now is that any way to act.

That's the act since, this is a guess, the advent of metal into our lives.

Though the Bible says six. It was at least 14,000 years. That is the beginning of the history of war technology and methods.

It wasn't the start of war. Just a major life style change.

Brutality was rewarded with luxury and power. Mass murderers were made king. Kings murdering kings to see who could be the biggest. Build a temple.

Temple of David, the killer of 10s of thousands.

100s before he was finished.

And I'm certain he had Saul's son's killed.

It's not the nicest job I have.

No one will want to hear it.

The lie has served us well till now.

_duck stop_

Before I rave too much on the tyrants we like to know as kings, it is very beautiful where the Christian parental units dwell. We will forget the stories and eat the pie.

I'll explain them when we make them.

Blueberry, apple. Mincemeat is in the freezer. Always. In case the prodigal son comes for a visit. Only thing that beats a slaughtered lamb roasted on an open flame.


Our family's mincemeat pie.

Proof enough of paradise.

_duck stop_

The Company of Angels.
Right about now, we have to say, fish.
Fuck it, you say.
I say fish. As long as we got 'em, we're okay.

_fish stop_

Why fish, you ask.
People get hungry.

_duck stop_

What do you want. Tyrants or Idiots & Law.

Or both.

If war only benefits the few, one might wonder if the masses might come up with the idea that.

Politic, democracy.


Anyway, do the Holy Scriptures abuse freedom of speech.

The Armageddon conspiracy.

Suicide game played by the war lords gone mad.

Believing in the God they made.

Justifying Genocide.

Maybe Propaganda should have labels.

The contents are subjective.

You are free not to like it.

Free to believe whatever the fuck you want.

Somewhere else.

Words could be classified as weapons.

"Hey you. Are those your words."

"No officer. The words are a present from the priest so as we could talk at one another in between fighting and fucking."

The advantage, by the way, of talking to a wall is.

It don't disagree.

_duck stop_

So King David, before writing a song to modestly declare himself the greatest ever, had seven grandsons of Saul stuck on poles. Human sacrifice for the Lord. And the grain.

And because King David was a murdering tyrant.

_bunny stop_

Okay, I lied. I'm on the train.

Ran to catch the street car. Silly, they come every six minutes.

Woke up 6 minutes before my alarm.

They don't have ticket automats on the street car. Last time, two years ago, they did. So I sat like a good citizen and waited the six minutes it took to get to the train.

All very uneventful.

The adventure is most likely to stay that way.

Less we bridge to fiction.

_duck stop_

We'll be over the Atlantic soon.

Lots of empty seats so we most likely won't crash.

My hormones won't shut up.

Not that I would want them to.

I was talking to a young man, told him King David killed 10s of thousands. Said that's how they did it. Steel and murder. It makes you rich enough to be a king.

"Kind of boring."


It is getting tedious. Murder, police state, rule with terror and fear.


The sun is still burning.

_duck stop_

They have the second movie on. Which usually means 'bout half way over the ocean. Luckily, I dozed off. Half waking when my mouth fell open or my head fell off.

Bad ass motherfuckers.

We still find ourselves in the realm of the tedious. In fact, I have given up on this sentence.

_duck stop_

That's either Labrador or Newfoundland. Brutal. Fields of snow. No humans. Unless on the logging roads.

Good luck finding a tree.

I heard from a Green Peace report that Brazil is burning down the last bits of rain forest to grow soya, to feed pigs, cattle and chickens.

Our meat mania.

That there is barren rock.

_duck stop_

Okay, this is far out. Stanley Cup playoff. 6th game. Mighty Ducks. vs. Flames. They talk a little less bullshit than the soccer dudes in Europe.

Best thing is in Italy. A private station owns the rights on soccer. So some other station has the game in their studio and a couple guys at the game.

You don't see the game but they make a great show of it. Even in Italian, I like it more than watching a game.

Unless it's hockey.

I'm in my parent's home now. We hit Guy's Frenchy's on the way home from the airport. I didn't have much to wear. What with 50 some odd chocolate bars. 5 kilos.

It was a good find at Frenchy's. After 2 years not being in such a store, scored excellent track pants. I won't drop names. Usually Marie in a hot country made most stuff.

We visited her in Costa Rica.

And cool coat, jacket with a beer company stitched on it. Owned now by Coor's so they likely had to fire the homosexuals and non whites.

I did not say Coor's is KKK.

Just leaning that way.

I think La Fontaine, our mouth voice, in parliament, Us German's, would be a good hockey coach.

Except he wouldn't know what he was talking about.

_duck stop_

No excuse for high sticking. Keep the fuckin' stick down.

It's seventh game.

Which means the last for one of the teams till next year.

I don't think most people in the first world have any idea how decadent we are. I don't just mean the criminally insane, such as Banks and Churches, Synagogues and other murderous.


Hockey. As if it mattered.

_bunny stop_

I forgot something yesterday. Now I can't remember what it was.

We went to a couple towns. Did things, like go to Frenchy's. I already got too much stuff.

The sun came through. Made for a pleasant day. We ate at a hotel. Fish.

In the afternoon I went with my feet and enough jackets down the beach. Walking on solid rock or sand or stones or pebbles or gravel. My feet are still happy about it.

I found a smooth rock to lean against, sun warmed. Sun cutting through. Ocean, tide coming in and watched a little water fall over the cliff.

I'll get a picture next time.

Just after sundown, we all went down to the wharf. Talked to some cats.

One other thing. When I was coming up from the beach, a RCMP was driving by. He saw me and stopped. Backed up and drove down to meet me.

"What's you name."


I waited. I was going to ask him his name but enjoyed waiting for him to voice the next question.

He did.

Then he was satisfied and was about to leave and I asked him. And he mentioned he was looking for someone with red and white shoes and since I didn't have any, he thought I might have ditched them.

He smiled and drove away.

Most people smile at me.

Anyway. My friend is coming for a visit so we will do a little road trip. Get some mind boggling news.

Something other than a shooting.

Fucking news assholes. Glamorizing murder and war. I'm bloody sick of it.

Just saw a bit about billion dollar cigarette smuggling operation. Indians go to jail. Rich white man don't.

And is anyone surprised.

Not me.

Like what's his name said,

There are two kinds of thieves. There's the small time ones what steal little things and go to jail. And the big time thieves who become kings and gets monuments built for them.


King David that's in the Bible. They makes a whack of stuff for him.

King Solomon, now he only had to murder a few, it's always the case, brothers, uncles and cousins. Kill 'em.

Seven years and the cedar of Lebanon to build their fucking outlandish tent temple. Gold over everything.

13 years to build his palace.

Our history is so grim. The murdering ruling class making slaves of us all.

And they make fucking cults and religions out of this pathetic attempt at acting like we, or they, mean something.

Only those blind to what they believe can believe a God would be behind all these fucking lying tyrants.


Your myopic beliefs are killing us.

Lord Myass.

Go to sleep John. We will overcome ignorance. We must be patient.

Most of them are ignorant. Because they like it.

_bunnie stop_

I'm determined to watch one hockey game. 6-6 in overtime.

Ate a mediocre supper at a - score. 18 seconds. That was easy.

Ottawa lost. Goalie was not good. Sad story.

I can't begin to tell it 'cause it doesn't matter. What matters is scoring at Frenchy's. Some hang there for hours, waiting for the next load of closes to come in.

I prefer the limited hit and run. 36 minute max. Including getting out of the car and getting back in. High speed scanning. Rapid eye movement. When the eye catches quality material, then first examination. Quick overall hands on look. If any hesitation arises, drop it, put back on hanger. Move on.

The right things stick. Try them on and look, feel, wonder. If you aren't convinced, put it back.

It's not a normal store, one has to have a different game plan.

I got some most excellent jackets this trip.

The time on the beach is the opposite. Move slowly. Listen slowly. Smell slowly. And watch softly. Notice shapes and shadows.

Piss on a rock.

_duck stop_

Don't know what day it was last. Today was Wednesday. Monday Zauqir and I traveled around the south shore.

We left Mom & Dad in Digby after a Fish & Chip and World Famous Scallops. I try to avoid shell fish - bottom feeders. Especially with all the poison lying around down there.

We went into Walmart. Horrible lighting.

Score. San Jose sharks.

Dumb. Left the man alone in front of the net.

Then we headed south. Shortly after getting on our way, I looked up to see what the next scene was. A load of wood was flapping by. Followed by some screeching, a wheel rolling down the road and a truck jackknifed with its over loaded trailer.

In the ditch.

"Happens all the time. People over loading the cars, trailers and trucks."

"People are stubbornly stupid."

The rest of the day, like what had proceeded, was beautiful.

Some bitchin' sun set action. Trippy colours.

Eventually it was time to find a hotel.

The most fun was talking to south shore people. Not only super friendly and helpful. The accent was wild. A few kilometers from anywhere else and totally crazy.

We ended up waking up Allen at the Inn and after guiding him through the motions, landed in a huge suite with a cathedral ceiling.

Next day.

It rained.

Until we went inland up to Kejimikujik Park.

Now it's tonight. Jose leads 2-1 now.

We drove up to Scott's Town and walked out to cape split.

Bloody Fish.

Way bitchin' trail. And at the end, we're at the end, way up high.

And I'm too whipped to explain it. Look at the pictures. Or take the walk out there. Best to allow 2 hours both ways plus at least an hour at the point.

Some spots are muddy.

Boarding. 5 minutes and game missconduct.

Come on now kids. Let's be physical but not violent. No one needs to be brutally attacked.


_duck stop_

Daze later.

Relatives came to visit. So many relatives in this part of the country.

Anywhore. I sorta fell in love again. It's bad. It happens too easily. It happens much too fast. There was an event at the Evergreen. The not yet famous but not unknown music hall. Once it was a church. Then someone got smart and turned it into a hall where non Christians could enjoy, tonight the sounds of Canadian singer song writers. Jill, the other one and Meggin. And I didn't think. Too much. I just watched and adored Meggin. They all got Folk CDs recorded at the CBC.

How many people can I be in love with.

I'm not here and she's gone so it don't matter. But it was a small place. She was watching me when she sang and we spoke about peeing at the break. And black flies.

Maybe that don't sound like love but I think it was. Some love never touches the skin.

Magical love.

Make potato soup of the mind.

This isn't the article I was going to write.

_duck stop_

Just one more thought.

King Solomon, our grand wise King of the Israelites, had 700 wives and 300 konkubines. How many of them did he love.

And who the fuck would believe in a god that favored murdering pricks and dictator thieves.

Don't they read.

Or what.

200 foreskins for a woman.

God said. Go yea into all the world, rape, pillage and steel. Kill 'em all and keep it real.

Genocide religions people.

Wake up and smell the blood.

The ruling class is fucking us over.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Tell Meggin I said hi.

_duck stop_

We race on. Day after day.

So far - Edmonton scores. We have come as far as hockey.

America, though no longer with gladiators, is manic. They all, 70%, run to church, the TV and everything else.

A nation of morons. Running the planet.

Into the ground.

Ignorance justifies militant dictatorship.

Many people believe what they are told.

By any lying pricks.


There was another brilliant sunset over the bay of Fundy. Worth seeing live. In fact. Most everything is better to see live. Even war and genocide. So we can understand, see, hear and smell what a silly habit we have carried on thousands or millions of years.

As. If.

_duck stop_

Well fuck me. I'm waiting to get on the plane to fly back. Leaving on a jet plane.

And I've nothing to bitch about so I don't know what to say.

Everybody, well two persons, look like my Baker. As in, maybe I better go see him.

Okay. Not everything means anything. This was some of it.

_duck stop_

"Man, that is so underground."

"Too cool."

"Too hot."

"It is the it that is it."


_duck stop_

I intended to make it look like fiction.

_fish stop_

In this world, she looks like a dancing felony.

In the other side of this world, she is a goddess.

In both sides she is the life in it. She defines the what of it.


_duck stop_

Except in the USA, the baby bombers, lest we forget.

Are the first generation to explain to their immediate ancestors that they did not believe the beliefs, I go back and forth, I've noticed, in most everything I do.

It seems natural.

The point however was.

We are attempting to redefine meaning.

We are proposing that our ancestors had been sold a lie many generations ago. We are suggesting that the bible of any religion is not holy.

This leaves it wide open to suggest that though, and perhaps because, we are mortal.

We are the gods.

That could be slandered as a maniac thing to suggest.

We already know the religions ways have been all played along side war and even justification for genocide.

I know there are many, even the majority of the Earths humans.

We have made life into bad fiction.

Forever waging war to hold to the one attempt at a story for fear of what waits beyond the step to be what it is when it is our descendents who we start to believe in.

_bunnie stop_

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