john rah essay

Religianity is Stupid
Genesis ch. 27 vs. 35 - 36:

But he answered, "Your brother came with guile and took away your blessing." (Esau, (brother of Jacob now called Israel)) said, "Was he, then, named Jacob that he might supplant me these two times? First he took my birthright and now has taken away my blessing!"

There it was. The start of the most influential family on the planet Earth. The creators of the Holy Scriptures and the propagators of the Jewish beliefs.

A written tribute to a family that made their lives into one of the most influential religions and traditions in the western world.

An amazing accomplishment for any one family.

6,000 years of subjective history negating the 13.7 billion years that came before and dictating the subjective history to be written in the years after the advent of the men's club.

6,000 years of a family feud. One family against the rest.

As I've mentioned before, The Holy Scriptures is my favorite book. One of the few I've read more than once. Torah, Nevi'im Kethurim. The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text.

It just struck me now what is so amazing about the Book.

Israel, born Jacob, was a man. One man.

With the help of wives and concubines, this one man had twelve sons.

They made, their descendants, made up the twelve tribes of Israel.

Forget there is a god. One true god. We know now that that is not true. Not even theoretically. If gods, they likely don't exist quite yet. The universe is relatively young. At least being suited for life. We may be the first to get this far.

Forget also, Holy. Holy is a very silly word. Holy Lord dictate to me what I should dictate to my subjects. 6,000 years is enough. Holy can of course be used when accompanied by words such as Shit or Fuck.

Or Cow.

The point is this.

It is a story based on the history, subjective history, of one family.

The Royal Family.

Their descendants, if we stay alive, will out number the stars.

They, the descendants of the women of Israel, not only managed to survive over thousands of years. They are the most powerful family on the planet.

Though commendable, it shouldn't be ignored that it was a blood bath. Slaughter after slaughter. Genocide of countless families. The burning of countless towns, villages and cities. And the fighting never stops. There are short time outs for restocking of weapons.

This was of course, and still is how all families play the life came. Always war.

No need to point fingers.

The best killers win.

This is definitely a must read book. Simply because of it's unbelievable influence on history and the western mind.

It should also be believed. Of course, like any book, remember it is subjective. Some things are exaggerated. Some simply are not true.

Any army needs something to believe when risking their lives for the better good. Of a few. The trouble is. We are no longer playing war with swords and spears.

We are trapped on one very small life supporting planet.

No family feud is worth it.

The other Holy Book of the western mind, and spreading around the world fast, is supposedly based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. A Jew who did not accept the faith of his fathers. The rebel.

Congratulation for certain on that.

Between pissed off Priests of the Synagogue and the Roman invaders, he manages to toss a wrench into the system set up by Moses and Aaron thousands of years before.

Unfortunately, the Romans simply built their religion of peasant servitude around him. Instead of only Levities being priests. Anyone Roman could be a priests.

The point wasn't that Levite priests were a drag. The point is, priest are a drag. A pack of marketing mad men living in the lap of luxury. Not counting the new age missionaries who do it just to change peoples minds. To achieve one mind set. One mute obedience.

To rap it up, all written word is written by someone to convince someone else to believe what the writer believes needs to be believed.

Often is it to keep people obeying. It makes it better for masters and slaves.

No family, tribe or race is chosen. Is not holy. We find ourselves in a global village. One DNA that made it over billions of years.

This one God lie is propigated to justify war. Always. War is power, wealth, control, hoarding of resources and myopic.

A bunch of kids fighting another bunch of kids over a truck load of gold forgetting to look up and notice a universe with gold trucks floating around unused.

We need to wake up and start believing.

Something else.