Joanne B. Washington Letter to:

Magical Works
This is a letter I do not want to write. If someone paid me a few thousand Euros, I'd write it. Or if someone threatened to take me to court. Call me a cheap whore. That's how I feel when I am forced to think of Magical Works. Magical Works is one of the last things I want to think about. No one enjoys feeling powerless against bad business protected by lawful guns.

When I am forced to think of Magical Works, I remember a mail they sent the nonmembership association after Magical Works lost all our data from their server. They came up with the brilliant idea to sell data backup insurance after that event.

Instead of paying extra to have our lost data backed up, nonmembership association went bankrupt.

nonmembership association sent an e-mail.

nonmembership association sent a fax.

nonmembership association sent a registered letter (09.05.03 14:47).

Requesting to be released from Magical Works questionable contract.

Magical Works continued to ignore all requests from the nonmembership association. Instead of not booking money from the nonmembership association, they started booking twice a month. Like they did to other clients as well.

After half a year, Magical Works took a six month break from booking money from our bank. The break lasted six months, then they started taking money again.

Three years later, they send a collection agency after us.

So we are forced to respond to threats of incarceration.

We are aware that it is not Magical Works policy or their collection agency's policy to respond favorably to the claims of unhappy customers.

But here it is.

I understand that Magical Works can't afford to pay a competent staff to handle all their clients requests, but it should be possible to take a name off your billing computer after being asked to three times.

Please call your collection agency off.

And for our continued grief, time spent, company costs, loss of business and this full page advertisement,

we bill Magical Works:

6,300 Euro.

Please send payment before the end of May 2006 or we will be forced to add surcharges.

mit freundlichen grußen:

Joanne B. Washington

Bevina the collection agency answers a few months later