john rah essay

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I really don't want to write now. It is a nervous energy. Something that both haunts and blesses me. Like the desire to commune with angels.

Let's question time. If it is only a dimension, like it's only a universe with various forms of concentrated energy. Then time is like a ticket to limited perception. A break from everything being one thing. Everything being one thing is a bit like nothing at all. All of it and nothing.

The concrete world, as we like to define it, is about as wrong as the bloody religious attempts to nail it down with other reasons.

I want the door bell to ring.

Not just my head.

I almost was ready to believe that love was thinner than the rest of it. Until it took me over. Like time takes me closer to my grave. Some days I'm ready for it. Those are dark days with no sun and no love.

Even if any of it, love, time, matter is illusion, it makes no difference. What matters, at least as long as we hold us in time and matter of it, is that we do.

I'll make that clear when I've seen more behind the mist of conviction.

_duck stop_

Conviction is the enemy of perception.

_flower stop_

Addiction is the uncontrolled hunger for connection.

_bunny stop_

The sun was out a little today. Teasing the local inhabitants, the bunnies and the flowers to be. I took myself and my brownies for a walk. Only I came back. After visiting many people, accepting warm greetings from young women.

There is something to be said for a city full of humans.

Every day is easter. Little bunnies jump up to give a kiss, leave a flower and a good wish.

I used to hide from the women, old relatives who wanted to kiss me when I was a good little boy.

I never say, I want to fuck you. Is that lying, not to reveal the truth. Maybe to myself. Especially with my arms so sore and over worked.

Alas. Nothing has taken over and put an end to this attempt.

_bunny stop_

Bloody mindfuck Christian Jewishism runs through countless generations of my family. Like many families. And they claim to be nice. As long as you are one of them. When you want out of their die to go to heaven cult. Then you are the lost sheep.

The only reason I keep repeating this is because I'm pissed at the evil religions of our forefathers.

The bloody Catholics, famous for various random torture, are advertising a smiling spring of nice people together coming this spring. Gerechtigkeit. Justice.

Tax free organized crime with political support. An outrage, it is.

Propiganda mindrape.

There is no call for respect for religion. Religion is evil.

Fuckin' bunnies are nice. Flowers too. Not Christians, Moslems and Jews.