john rah essay

Fuckin Civilization
Go ye into all the world, rape pillage and slaughter.
Return with silver and gold, buy the king's daughter.

Round 'n' Round we go. Where we stop it no one will know.

Anything anymore.

If you don't understand what we are talking about, you are a mind manipulate fuck up. And most likely take your orders from an idiot.

Priest or something like it.

Sorry. No blessings today. Do some thinking and perceiving and come back. Or stay a stupid slave beast. Forget about becoming an angel. Demigod. Fuckin' flesh fest.

I came without a topic. Just an image.

An addiction among many.

Try to maintain manic and control.

The first perhaps only that matters, law that matters in a world where matter is the matter of the matter is.


The law is life. Life is the law.

Basic, one might think.

Not in the doing of it. Perceiving is only part of it. The rest, the big part is doing it.

Whatever it is.

_duck stop_

Dog feathers.

It snowed like mad noon time which made it impossible to stay in. Perhaps because as a child I loved being outside in the snow. Perhaps I'm still a child. Perhaps for no reason. It's like sunshine, only whiter.

Any how, I ended up looking in a window of a new bar to see what was up. Except for the owner behind the bar and a friend of his and me, just the walls and things between them.

But we got to talking about books, how was I doing with Wittgenstein and he was reading the Devinchy code. However that madman was spelled. And that there was in real life a court case because most of the info came from the blood and holy grail. A book sold as non-fiction.

So the court case is a farce. A publicity joke. And I am well aware of it and buy into it by talking about it. Because both books are worth reading. Unlike many books.

The movie will be out soon.

Perhaps the blood and holy grail crew want a piece of the action. They certainly don't want to be ignored.

So don't. Read the Devincie Code, see the movie, it can't be worse than Star Wars. No film can. But for Christ Sake.

Read the blood and the holy grail.

_bunny stop_

I write 'cause I right.
There is a difference between being original and wrong.
Don't believe everything you say.
With a rhyme, this could turn to a poem or song.
My love.

_flower stop_

God damn
Nazi Jew

Raping life in their cry for death.

I didn't want to say it. There is enough stress these days.

But it's always the same game throughout this age.

The last few days of darkness before the return of the sun. The world's best soccer players are all coming this year.

There will be religious madness. Calling to god to make a goal. Winning the game and selling the soul.

Religious tolerance they say. Smoke screen. Political noise for the tired brainwash media.

Freedom to follow the countless rules handed down by the mighty merchants of war and resource monopoly.

It snowed today, then it rained.

I ate too much chocolate again.

I'm tired of this darkness. And blind obedience to any set of random rules.

There is no salvation. Still I long for sexual confirmation.

_duck stop_

Divide and concur.

The universe.

Not one another.

Those who teach us that a Jew differs from a Moslem from a Christian from a Buddhist from any set of random crustified speculations.

Is a liar. An evil one.

Fighting to kill one another for beliefs that someone's forefathers made is stupid, suicidal, unnecessary and if we as a species don't stop and check that we have something no other species has ever had, and not just great tits.

Then all we miss is everything in the universe. Heaven. Paradise.

No big loss, if infinite is little more than nothing.

But big enough to wonder about. With love.

_duck stop_