john rah essay

Rush a show of hands
It was before the 89 recordings that I saw Rush. One or two years. I didn't really want to see them. I had 2112 on tape and liked it. I liked blues more. Rock concerts with thousands of stoned kids wasn't my thing. I was comfortable with being stoned with a friend or two.

But Rush came to London and my friend wouldn't accept me not going.

"It's Rush."

So I went and was entertained but not overwhelmed.

It wasn't until later that Rush started freaking me out. I would fall into their rhythm and wonder how they did it. It seemed to be the same rhythm I felt when I felt part of the universe.

I also learned to read and write late in life. I started getting a little serious about the time I was 18. They feed on each other. And they changed my comprehension continually.

More than 20 years later, my word comprehension and music comprehension is well beyond the norm.

And when I picked up a show of hands by Rush for a Euro 50, I was amazed. It quickly became one of my favorite recordings. Whenever my spirit is craving or shaky, I listen to a show of hands to confirm my road is the one I must take.

Some of the books the writer, Neil Peart, read where some of the same I read. That something that goes beyond being an animated mineral and water sack to that something that still becomes.

They aren't the only Band with brilliant lyrics. But not many tell it as well. And none can do Rush like Rush.

They are so good, it takes a great deal of work to get to the point where one can hear how good they are.

It's a good that goes beyond perfection. Artificial intelligence will soon be beyond our calculation speed but to feel is something different. It's the human in being that sets us apart and at the front of it.

Of course this is a disadvantage when selling records.

Better to be loud and have big tits and a tight deep ass.

That all passes away. The mediocre chew up their cheep pop stars and vomit them out in trash correspondence media.

Rush demands a little more from their fans.

And no matter how often I listen to a show of hands, it is always fresh and true. In everything about it.

So with my live at Jimmy's by Maynard Ferguson and his big band, I'll take Rush, a show of hands.

And for those who know me.

Yes, the other recording is Led Zeppelin. Also live.