john rah essay

Mini-Nukes for Peace
The new age mini-nuke, like so many other weapons, was ultimately designed for peace. In fact, the purpose of war is peace. At least one would think so if one was a fucked out brainwashed idiot.

So most people.

The new age mini-nuke, unlike its predecessor the big ass mass destruction nuke, the one often used as a propaganda phrase by political deceivers in the dirty white house. And most anywhere else. Are almost neat and practical. The new nukes. Only thousands die with each bomb instead of hundreds of thousands.

If dropped from 40,000 feet into desired spots.

Such as foreign news reporters or nuclear research basements.

Which for the next part in this on going thousands of year old war will be sold to us as quite practical.

If one excludes the side effects.

Such as mayhem world wide. Terror panic.

Scare us all with threats of war.


The mini-nuke is designed to go off after boring 20 feet into the ground. The basements of research.

We'll see if it works when they test them in Iran.

I don't think they will do much for land value. And radiation does take millions of years to fade. Unless these are clean nukes.

Love bombs.

It's like a bad comic book. Where all sides are evil and it's left to the mutant children to survive after the world war three episode. It's on now. It can't be ignored. The war brats always manage to get attention.

It's hard to ignore Empire take over with propiganda and bombs.

Peace. What a fuckin' joke. The only jobs are for the war effort.

Honestly, there is a violent mean streak in me.

I know it is part of the evolution. Kill to survive. But still it surprises me sometimes when violence is directed at me.

Being bit by a little hamster, or nipped at, yelled at by a fish. Not a big deal. Today I was attacked by a stupid dog. Some stupid dogs, which most are, don't like runners. Such a dog attacked me this morning after I had stopped long enough for the owner to take notice of its violent barking.

It likely could smell that I wanted to kill it.

And bit me.

I've walked up to unknown junk yard dogs pulling on chains. Never a problem. But the old lady's fucking mutt sunk its teeth into me.

And I wanted to kill it.

Again this afternoon, a dog started violently barking at me as I walked along the river.

What I'd like to do is be very violent against non wavering stupidity. Religious ignorance pisses me off. People proud to be Moslem, Christian or Jewish. Most of them completely ignorant of any significance. Most having never read and studied the book they say they believe in. Just belligerently ignorant sheep. Part of a big club of ignorance.

Stupid fuckin' idiots.

Religion caters to them.

Come be a fuckin' stupid fuckin' idiot with us. So you don't gotta be alone in you stupid fuckin' idiocy.

Now I don't mind that I didn't kill the lady's dog.

It was more fun barking that out of me.

Stop eating bushit.