john rah essay

Preparing for War in Iran
Oil is proof enough that there is no God. For one thing, it takes millions of years to make it. The oldest Gods are 6 or 8 thousand years old. And oil makes hate inevitable. Which would make any god that stuck it in there with the dinosaurs a real prick.

Fuck the God shit lie. It only makes the coming wars more complicated.

Many of the illiterate, uninformed in Iran don't believe the Holocaust hype. Or better said, they believe the Anti-Holocaust hype. As in, 6 million Jews systematically murdered. Not only was that holocaust true, millions who weren't Jews died too. In the same war. In other countries. Systematically with other systems. Throughout the ages. In almost all countries.

But the war freaks like to make the masses ignorant of common genocide. It makes it easier to get them going for the next round of genocide.

Any day now, Israel will be forced to attack Iran. By the mad jokers sitting on the power seats in Iran. Religious extremist super rich and demented. Most of the Iranians oblivious to their own slavery to the war mongers. The super rich.

The war in Iraq will look like a tea party in comparison.

The persian gulf will burn.

Anyone with shares in oil will get very rich.

There will be no trees left in Alberta. Except for those in shopping mall parking lots. Just one huge open oil field. And dump trucks full of money.

Life for money.

This ain't prophecy. It's now. CNN has likely already booked their tickets and hotel rooms in Iran.

The bastard prick high priests will scream Armageddon when the Persian Golf burns. How can water burn if it ain't the end times.

Don't believe the Pricks. It's just gas. One more catasstrophy.

Forget about right and wrong. That's part of the religious lie.

It is the power pyramid.

That must come down.

Decentralizing of power structures.

It might be possible, or necessary after the calming down of the world war. The whole world is in this one. It's not that it's new. The process is generations old.

To prepare for this Iran war, remember, the common folk are as ignorant, or more so than the Germans that burnt Jews. It doesn't help to hate them. Anyone anyone. The leaders hype the masses to hate. It's war rallying. It's not even funny that it's Jews again. They get enough press.

It's all wrong. A species still mad. Still not evolved to wakefulness.

Tear down the lies and we might get to the point where the monopolizing warlords and their lie priests have to give up their power.

They are lying evil prick Satan worshippers. Calling it God.

All lies.

We kill for resources. Finite.

And the slaves are killing and being killed.

As long as oil and mining is in the hands of a few greedy pricks. The majority will remain the slaves.

You and me. Regardless of bullshit religious Preference.