john rah essay

Foundation of Lies
Culture. The customs we follow and construct our identity from, are all lies. Lies may be too hard to swallow so let us, for protocol sake, call it random speculation.

On random speculations from the self ordained wise and holy, a construct is built over generations to become a framework for what we are. So many generations bow to the foundation that it becomes hidden by the framework. The framework covered by cladding. The cladding polished and reshaped. Until a culture is slave to a foundation of random speculations that can no longer support the over laden super structure. And it breaks apart.

And we got what we got now.

Desperate lunatics running after any semblance of framework.

And who can blame them.

Born into a world gone to hell.

Their only hope to blame their pathetic condition on anyone else.

We'll site a famous example: the Jews. Germany was in a desperate state after world war one. Impossible debts to pay for their part in an earlier world war. Losers pay. The rule of war. And the Jews, somehow not impoverished, were a simple and obvious enemy. Because doesn't matter. Shadenfreude. It helped the helpless to watch the well to do become helpless. It was a relief to hate an enemy and enjoy their suffering.

Silly brutal humans.

Jews managed to attract anti-semantic hatred by being the arrogant closed chosen race religion. Of Mad Moses dictator police state lies. But it's no different, other than irrelevant details, to any other pack of lies. Religion. Cult.

Like the new and improved Islamic pack of lies. Hate for a meaning. Soldiers happy and proud and respected. And paid. And mobs of illiterate small minded sheep ready and waiting for a chance to rage at anything. A cause. A purpose. A word. A comic in a reactionary newspaper. To set off the next round of hate and violence. A good excuse to kill in the name of. Mohammed, Christ or Moses.

"You make fun of Mohammed, we kill you."

Wow. What a culture. What brilliant protocol. What an amazing 2 billion years of evolution.

If their was any foundation to your cultural beliefs, you would ignore the media.

The media is trash. Every murder, rape, kidnapping, catasstrophy and conspiracy is their food. The shit, they feed to the culturally naked to keep them focused.

On anything.

Other than their own empty existence.

Slaves to plastic consumption.

To be a little specific, let's put in a few words the reaction of the ring leaders of the moslems to a little childish criticism.

Very childish. Pathetic.

Like two disturbed prepubescent boys getting out of control in a sand box.

What would an alien think with the show we have on stage here.

"So explain to me John, what is the story with the Islamic world."

"Well Lord Myass, we are playing the theater piece, 'Idiots follow the leaders.'"

"Who are these leaders."

"Crooks. Myopic morons with the power."

"Why do they love so much to hate."

"Hate is the easy dead end street. It requires no intelligence, no style, no creativity. Any idiot can take part in any fiasco. A few ass hole war lovers vomit out proclamations that appear to justify a demonstration of violent hate against a group of people that have been targeted for hate. And the sheep people take the opportunity to kill someone else."

"If we had that in our history, it doesn't go back that far."

"Our history is mostly exaggerated stories and outright lies."

"So one more time before I go. Who's killing who."

"We are all one animal. We are killing one another. It changes day to day what mask the hated and hater wears. One day it's the bloody Japanese, Italians and Germans who are the hated haters hating and killing to be killed. The next day it's Russians and Chinese. Now it's random religion idiotic idealisms raging against one another. Killing over the oil fields."

Lord Myass scratch his head and left.

And it's impossible to keep it straight.

Except to watch to see what organized crime syndicate, otherwise known as oil and mining, is moving into what land.

Turn off the oil pumps.

Vile. It is simply vile how the masses are played. Keep ignorant and desperate so that they will do anything for any reason or none at all.

We have to get over religion. It might help Oma from being sad on Sunday. It might give a sense of belonging.

But it's a big bad lie.

All of them.

Keep them ignorant. That's the purpose of religion. Believe. Don't think. Don't question. Don't look.

And for sure don't read the book you believe to be your religions holy written by god book. 'Cause you are idiots and should believe what you are told.

I can see this going nowhere so we'll wrap it up somewhere.

Moses was a murdering dictator, Christ a bastard Jew. Mohammed was a poor bugger in a rich city. And let's poke at Buddha too. He was fat and lazy, wanted nothing but to achieve nothing and ignore the sky being blue. Then their are those with holy elephants and cows. Watching walls and whatever.

It's time to realize our ancestors were wrong. Not simply wrong. Intricately wrong. Random conclusions stemming from fear and uncertainty.

Though I'm right on this point, or because I am, I may receive some random hate from the idiots who love their religion's wealthy leaders. The motivators of hate.

Because people are pathetic.

Of course we better look at the other side and wonder if it's necessary to provoke a troubled religious order by making mockery without adequate relevance. It's a very small percentage of any religion's people that is violent and an even smaller percent of Catholics, protestants and moslems that throw bombs. And it's the followers and the whore priests, not the profits, who love to hate.

And when we get done, we are going around in circles.

Using words to inflame temperament.

And when it get's down to it. The only way to get around the circle for another cycle is to love it and what's in it.

Believe what you want.

Forget what they told you.

And ignore the media. It is a cheap and ugly whore with no personality. It is the festering scum of trash. They are just trying to sell advertising space to the chemical companies. So you can smear it on your face.

I love Mohammed. Jesus Christ.