john rah essay

Death by Cars
Everything I plan turns out differently. That doesn't make plans pointless. Plans are based on what one knows at the time of the plan.

I could make this relate to death by Cars but I'll leave it to chance. See what she has in store for us tonight. Not just me and myself. Also those curious souls attracted to these writings. This mad quest to see beyond the smoke screen. The thousands of years of lie.

Being exposed by the disciples of truths.

No ultimate. No mortal can grasp more than what is in reach.

Cars. We all love them. I've got a few favorites and admit I have none of them only because I have been locked into my stereotype. The peasant inspired to bring down the house.

The house of lies.

War wasn't always about oil. War was about many things. Mostly to keep the slaves working, fearing, obeying the laws of the priests, kings, mighty merchants.

Now one of the hottest items for the mighty is oil. Our lives depend on it. Like we depend on cell phones, computers and media narcotics.

Cars popped into existence about 2 billion years after life. That was about a hundred years ago, our time. Mr. Diesel made a machine that could take petroleum, explode it inside a metal housing. And be done with horses practically over night.

No more horse shit.

Just dog shit and a paved planet with millions of autos burning up finite resources to empower the rich.

It wasn't likely planned.

Just scammed.

By those taking the satanic death power of chemical domination. Oil from the ground was not easier to win than oil from biomass, such as hemp or rapeseed. Just easier to control. Easier to monopolize.

They, the overlords of death and lie. The high priests of deceit may have even missed the point that petroleum products were poisonous and ultimately would kill the planet.

How would they know that poison was poison.

The mighty merchant priest law making dictators play with death. They make fun and profit from war.

More than 40,000 men, women and children die per year in auto accidents. In the USA. By the time one adds in Canada, Mexico, Central, South America, Old Europe and the other countries that have cars, I don't know. It must get up around a million.

Per year.

It beats starving to death. Not in numbers. In style. One can die in a nice car. While burning the last of the oxygen to hurry up and get somewhere else. To work. To pay for the gas and the car.

Does anyone care.

They might if their 16 year old daughter dies.

Or the price of a barrel of oil goes up to 75 dollars a barrel. Which it will after someone starts unfriendly attacks on Iran. Tomorrow. The day after.

It's coming. The media makes it so.

But we should not get discouraged.

We should stop using oil and drive 55. Or slower. With less alcohol in our blood. Less chemicals. Cars kill. More than drugs. More than guns. And bombs.

The consumer has to take some hard moves.

Refuse. Say no to governments that murder for your oil. Call for the industrialization of clean fuel. Buy a bicycle. Save some kid's life.

We aren't safe anywhere. Not as long as we are blind consumers obeying the laws of the media, plastering petroleum over our skin, in our hair, burning it in the air.

If a million people a year die on the roads it's not such a tragedy. As long as we know the odds and take it.

If the rest of the world gets cars that burn oil.

We are done.

It will be over for us so fast that it won't make the news.

Write to your car company and your oil company.

Say to Mr. Ford, Mr. Shell, Exxon and all the others.

Take the money you have taken and do anything other than make us burn the oil out of the ground.

We are tired of killing kids in the East and West.

Find a game other than world suicide.


There is no more time to discuss.

Turn off the oil pumps now. And yes it can be done.