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Islamic Madness
Reactionary military ignorant soldiers for Moses, Christ or Mohamad. What is the common thread. We'll get to it. I've mentioned that Moses was a murderous dictator. I believe it a fair assessment. Before we jump to Christ, we must remember Moses had little choice but to be a hard liner. His slaves were not known for their brilliant thinking. More for their ability to make bricks. The not free masons. Transformed into a deadly army after only 40 years of serious procreating in the desert. An army over 600,000 strong. That was just the men of fighting age. That was very impressive and scary at the time.

Things have changed. Now they are holding some of the greatest thinkers and most impressive military intelligence and power.

And they are friends with the Christian Military.

Christ forgotten, of course, he was against the power of the priests.

But we leave it for a different essay.

We are going to move on to this other fellow.


Islamic madness is the topic of the media since someone attacked America USA. So the fuck what if they did. Bushit was elected to make war.

Because oil reserves are low.

And Iran sits on a whole whack of it.

Did Mohamad know this.

Not likely 13 or 14,000 years ago.

Just looked up Islam. Mohammed was his name. The rich fuckers in Mecca, a city rich with trade. Christians and Jews abounding in the near. They, the Mecca over lords, didn't like him. The poor people did. Like the poor liked Jesus a few years earlier.

And like the holy scriptures and the new testament, the Koran is supposed to be the word of god. Or Allah.

And like Judyism and Christianity, Islam is based on a big lie. Or mistake, if one prefers protocol.

God don't write books for no one.

God grows plants, if we want to call the Earth God, but all these words used to bring the masses in Bewegung. Just words. Words are a human invention.

I fuck your mother.

Just words.

And not true for most people. Especially with this boat of celibacy.

Fuck off with your religious idiocy. How many of you extremists have ever had one of your own thoughts.

Listen to profit John here.

Stop believing.

Stop following media hysteria.

Moses, Christ and Mohammed are just pathetic excuses to make idiots into obedient war slaves.

Though Moses may have wanted exactly that, most of the profits were attempting to ease the pain of slavery for the pathetically poor.

The world won't take our idiocy anymore. War didn't matter so much even a few hundred years ago. Now it is killing us. The surface is covered with us. We all carry trunk loads of poisons.

Islam is wrong. It is as wrong as any other religion. They, the leaders, use religion to make armies. Even if the writer of the religion was inspired by angels, which I'm certain they were.

It was and still is the words of men.

And men always fuck up.

Stop believing.

And wake up to the fact that this here is what we have.

And it is paradise.

We just can't believe we deserve it.

So what if we don't.

Fuck the lying War Pigs that kiss the flag or any other man made random symbol.

This is it.