john rah essay

Uprising Satanic Army
It was necessary for the USA to have a noble lie to conceal their intention. The simplest, most absurd was the easiest to construct and easiest to sell.

"We will kill all in the name of Jesus Christ."

Thinking Christ was long dead, there would be no objections. The Uprising Satanic Army left the old tired lands of Europe to find an untapped continent to use as their barracks.

After clearing the continent of life forms such as the hundreds of millions of humans and wild life and endless forests, the USA could get to the business of poisoning paradise.

"Onward Satanic Soldiers, we are the masters of war.
We'll kill anything that moves till it moves no more."

It was life that the USA was determined to stop. The painful cycle of birth following death through the ages. Already a quarter of a million years as hairless primates and still no end.

Until the end was made to a religion and sanctified as Armageddon.

No one knows.

Satan isn't real. It's part of us. It's just a word. A concept.

We are still learning that we are.

That we are here. And this here is where we are. It seems simple enough. But it isn't.

Most of us haven't woken to it.

So we obey. And become good soldiers fighting for peace and God's poisoned land.

And like Satan, he ain't there. Just part of the lie to keep the high priests wealthy and the masses ignorant.

Uprising Satanic Army uses mass hysteria hypnotism with brain sucking media terrorism. And the masses are all addicted to their oil burning poison suicide transportation. Kill for the right to watch CNN war shows.

I see me going in circles trying to point out to the blind that they are being lead into the valley of death. Shiny with polished plastic and glass.

I had a dream. When I was still a teenager. There was a man. He was telling the hoards what they were to do. They didn't question. He just had to sit there. The hoards hadn't the faculties to question. Their brains, their souls had been given over to obedience.

Not for a reason. They, the hoards, hadn't wanted to question.

As long as they were not suffering like the others. Those not in the USA. There was no question. No need to give up comforts, conveniences, luxuries.

The planet. What was that. God made it. He would look after it.

No need to think beyond the shows on TV. The next hollywood movie. Gas prices.

Kill for freedom. We need more gas.

That wasn't all in my dream.

Just the him seeing me seeing him see that I saw through the lie.

He smiled. I still see his smile. Mocking Bastard.