john rah essay

Scary Oil Crisis
It's scary. As far as I can tell, we've got it exactly backwards. From my point of view, our conduct is absurd. But I can see how we ran into it. This mess.

Like Fielding liked to say, to put it in simple English.

We were stupid.



Slave sheep morons.


So let us make it perfectly clear.

Oil, coal.

The liver of the planet.

The collection of what air breathing creatures call.


The poison used to be in the air. That is a time when creatures that couldn't breath poison didn't exist.

That was up to 2 or 3 billion years ago. Look it up on the web.

When was the first air.

It coincides with the development of the Earth's liver.

But it was a few billion years ago. No one really remembers the poisonous old days.

Nostalgia, you say. See if we can evolve again from rocks.

I vote against this.

I vote we admit we have made a mistake by poisoning the planet for the monetary profit to a very few.

And slavery to self destruction for everyone.

Not everyone else.

There is only one system.

Those with the gold will also be dead.

If we don't stop bleeding the planet's liver to burn to our gods of war and destruction.

We die.

It is not a point we can ignore.

No matter how tedious and impossible.

The skin of the planet is much different than ours, but, in its scale, it is its skin and it, our planet, is being slaughtered and burnt by us.

Any gods asking for such sacrifice can simply piss off.

And their host of demon priests can piss off with them.

A planet is far too much to kill.