john rah essay

World War Incorporated
About the time I became a teenager we had a family trip to the Rockys. Dad had one of those huge American station wagons. 454 v8 or something. We drove across Canada, leaving Mom and Granny to fly out to meet us.

I spit in both sides of the great divide. And went to the top of a mountain with Grampy.

On the way back we wanted to drive through the states. Back then they still liked Canadians.

Granny didn't want to. No one could convince her until I layed in on her. I had her convinced that I believed them to be like other people. Basically friendly.

Thirty years later I still believe it. But I would avoid going there if at all possible. Granny might want to tell me she told me so but since she died since then, she likely forgot.

Now everyone is a criminal. Military Police State Totalitarians. Finger prints, eye scans, photos. Even if you just change planes in the company. War for the World company. Incorporated.

Into a system of slavery.

The end of my fiction career. Robocop looks like 6 o'clock news.

So how to react to this science fiction come real situation.

Violence is an obvious choice.

Exactly what War for the World company is banking on. With interest levels incorporating almost all major industries.

Everything based on the next war. France calling for more moderate nuclear war. Leave something for the next war. America already has the mini nuke.


Staged for the slaves to stay scared and obedient.

Until they take it so far that the slaves have no choice but to revolt. For the air they used to breath.

Okay, let's back up a bit and take another run at it.

First I should mention that I've been working on this topic more than 30 years. I know it all seems reactionary. Some kind of immature conspiracy to undermine democracy. Or draw attention to myself. Sell T-shirts.

Not that simple to right off. Write.

The story is not new. 1984 was written in 48. It was a story like many, how the state had control. 60 years ago. 2,000 years ago. 6,000 years ago.

It can be read in almost any literature including the Holy Scriptures, seen in most art and heard in most music.

The Royal Family, whoever or however they name themselves.

To make it even more insane, they, whoever they are, have lost it.

Let it get away.

So that the slaves monitor the slaves. Happy to be the pigs instead of ducks.

Ducks are always getting shot at.

What is America, other than War incorporated.


But murdering mad men from Europe.

Two continents taken over. Raping everything that moved, killing it and giving the few survivors and the invading slaves the chance to drive cars.

With ice caps melting, gas and oil can be pumped even faster.

Global warming making hell out of the weather.

And the American slaves march on. Obeying the War Lord's laws.

It's crazy. Even with it happening it seems impossible.

The stupid slaves still think they are on the right path.

Stupid slaves going to church, sending Oral Roberts their cash so he can make deals with God.

There is no God.

Only lies.

And America is a bigger lie than the Roman Empire.

And they are the same thing.

Insane War Lords with terrorized slaves happy to kill other slaves, even if they are from their tribe.

Because genocide is fun.

It makes rape and plundering a hero's work.

I don't know.

You can't tell an idiot he's an idiot because he'll not understand.

And kill you.

Shut down the War Machine.