john rah essay

Save the Catholics
Why not just feed the murderers to the lions.

Not enough lions left. Christians killed them.

And the killing has to stop somewhere.

Many say forgive them, they know not what they do. That doesn't cut it no more. They have been reminded often enough that murder is not nice.

The most important point is, most people are stupid. Why would anyone want to believe Copernicus when he speculated that there was a universe and that we were in it. How'd he figure something so crazy when everyone knew the lies to be true. It's much safer to believe the evil priests living in luxury. They looked after knowing. Peasants didn't need to know. Knowing was a sin.

A deadly sin. The very first and most vile of all the sins.

So the church murdered Copernicus and anyone like him. Or anyone who liked him. Murder is okay for church and state if it keeps the hoards in line. Slaves to ignorant obedience. Saves on Military at home. More energy for taking over other lands.

We digress.

The only real reason not to hate a religion formed on murder, lies and deception, is it doesn't help matters. It serves only the War Lords.

In most cases, Catholics are like any club, they find security in being part of a club. The Catholic club is attractive for stupid people and most people are stupid. You can be born Catholic and never have to decide what to be.

Or how to be.

"What are you."

"I'm Catholic and have cable TV."

"Ever read the book the lie is based on."

"No. What lie."

"Catholicism is a murderous lie based on the lies of Moses and the Romans."

"I don't know what you mean."

Of course not. Sheep don't ask why they are sheep. They baa and follow. And believe they need do nothing but what they are told, honour the high Priest, the Ratsinger, and pay their dues.

Die and go to heaven.

And actively take part in the poisoning of Paradise.

But knowing that the Catholics are insane blind sheep isn't the battle. The battle is to get them to

See the light.

What light.

The light of day. Shining on us from a big ball of fire. The light of a moon locked onto the planet we live on. A round planet. Not flat. See the light of countless stars, shining light at us billions of years, some, before getting to us. The light of camp fires from people who never heard of Moses or Ratsinger.

The light in the eyes of a mortal full of sexual lust and energy.

Why try to save the sheep. Let them wallow in their shit.

No. They have acquired too much power.

They can justify murder and genocide.

Watch Bushit, the murderer in the White house. He walks with the lie of the Church to propigate hatred. Propigate hatred so the War Lords, his bosses, can make more and better weapons.

"Now, therefore, slay every male among the children, and slay also every woman who has known a man carnally;" Numbers ch. 31 v. 17.

They kept the virgin girls of course. Unless they were not pleasing to look at.

Like the Israelites before them, the Catholics went through South and Central America.

But still, is is pointless to hate them. Hate breeds religious obedience.

Sure the Jews are a murderous lot. The Christians, a murderous lot. The Moslems too.

But to hate them is to give them someone to murder and that's what they like best.

Just tell the Catholics when they come to take over your city this summer.

No more murdering in the name of.

We have had enough and prefer to live in peace.

Open your eyes and you will see a host of angels waiting to welcome you to heaven.

Here and now.