john rah essay

Bloody Christians
Where to start with the Bloody Christians.

A very important point before the critique starts, is that Jesus Christ was not a Christian. He was born into a jewish family that hadn't yet married at the time of his conception. Woops. Happens all the time.

He didn't accept his family's beliefs regarding God. He saw that the Priests had the power and that the synagogue was built on so many rules that God was impossible for mere mortals.

He told the Priests they had it wrong but they were living in the luxury their position afforded them.

The Romans had invaded and brought other beliefs with them. They were eclectics. They concurred and pillaged many lands and assimilated their booty into their culture. Jesus was like the Beatles, Good at what he did, not so very different. Just different enough at the exact right time.

The ignorant masses needed a point of worship. Someone or thing. To follow.

Whether or not he died on the cross and rose again hardly matters, unless we do a reality check.

The Christians were very soon Roman Catholics. A priest was a priest like in the synagogue. And the killing could go on as before.

Now, instead of a few Christians being persecuted and fed to lions by Roman authority for antiestablishment beliefs, the Bloody Christians were on the war path for the Romans. With the banner of the state, Jesus and the Church, they went a killing. We often miss the point that it was a Roman Catholic crusade.

Taking over the western mind.

The western mind was to believe what the church said, pay their dues, or die. It's nothing new. Every marauding bunch of maniac murderers had one cause or another. To put a little drama into the slaughtering of the chosen enemy.

The slaughtering and plundering was the only common thread.

During the inquisition, women who used herbal medicines were publicly murdered by the Christian authorities. It was a common spectacle for the ignorant masses. The first horror theater. Another horror theater. Same old horror theater. Rule with terror. Rules always lead to terror.

For no reason, this theater, other than that's what the priests most enjoyed. Impotent losers found power in the weapons of the church. Rape and Execute any who reminded them of their pathetic impotence. Fill her with priest's sperm, call her a slut, whore or witch and kill her slowly. Painfully. The evil woman.

The way of the Church.

Not Christ.

Christ liked women and they liked him.

The Church knows that Christ would not be pleased with them. The Church thinks Christ is dead. They may even pray that he stays dead.

Because Christ did not say go ye into all the world and kill everything in your path. Christ gave no one the authority. God gave no one the authority. We do not have divine authority to kill all life on the planet.

We are simply mad murdering primates.

No human being has the right to say that they are killing in the name of anyone. Especially if that someone was bringing a message of peace and love.

How long before murdering idiots are killing in the name of John Lennon or Bob Geldoff. Not long.

It will be a lie.

You kill because you choose to. You enjoy the suffering of others. You can't bare that the reality of the situation is, that what is, is. That this here and now is it.

You are simply too blind too see.

Your free pass to murder in the name of anyone dead or alive has been revoked. When you kill, you are the killer.

And, you bloody Christians, God did not give anyone this planet to poison and destroy. Your ignorance and obedience is not only your own suicide, for if it was that simple, Christ would not come back pissed off. Like he is. At the bloody Christians.

Your blind obedience to Merchant laws has cost us 80% of the forests and jungles. Your blind obedience is killing all the life forms on this one very small, very fragile and hostile piece of paradise.

Stop believing and wake from the lie.