john rah essay

Devine Madness
He said to them, "Thus says the God of Israel: Each of you put sword on thigh, go back and forth from gate to gate, throughout the camp, and slay brother, neighbor, and kin." The Levites did as Moses had bidden;

Exodus ch 32 v 27, 28

Family genocide.

We can speculate.

Almost anything.

Moses was a murdering mad megalomaniac Tyrant. All those not heeding his dictatorship were simply slaughtered. After his terror tricks with the Egyptians, he made himself, his brother Aaron and family, cult. As high priest, with the only line to the one true mad killer god, Moses took the slaves and made them his slaves.

The Lord said, do as I say or die.

Like any Despotic ruler.

And they made it into a Religion. Lay down your life for a bald face lie.

It is amazing how many small minded humans follow insane Leaders.

Put you hand on the goat's head, slaughter it. Touch its blood to ear and big toe of right foot.

And make it a Religion to hold the slaves together so they make fine warriors.

Random Rules.

We are childish. Our intellects. Our Leaders are Brats. They see how easy it is to manipulate and the temptation can't be resisted.

Bushit uses this same style.

God wants me to murder anyone withholding oil and mineral resources. All his ignorant slaves believe the one true killer God is American, so they kill their brothers, sisters and their kids.

That's how it's done in the holy scriptures. It's good enough for us.

No. The old time Religions.

All of them.

Are at best, very wrong. They all are based on outright lies and reckless speculation. At worst, pure manipulative mind slaughtering. Mindocide.

We believe because we are programmed to believe, follow. Be a subordinate.


To keep slaves believing random religious lies is fairly simple. We are born with needs. Need to belong. To be loved. And to be better than someone else. Someone to hate. With a wrong religion. Cult. Organization. Club.

And protect and support your own.

Murdering, of course any that question Authority.


I talked to Jesus Christ. He said everyone has it wrong.

And I talked to God.

She said.

The biggest Religions and Cults of the planet are all run by demons.

These demons take away the magic of life. Promise heaven after death.

And make women a lower life form than the men. Because she gives birth, embraces knowledge and has a desire to protect life. Continue the cycle.

The Men's Club religions want to stop it.

Stop it.

Nail it down with Random Rituals of blood. And stop this living and dieing. Stop evolution.

Too much pain and uncertainty.

6,000 years, impotent men have made cults and religions and clubs against women and life.



And a war against the gods.

Stop believing the great lies.

Life is much bigger and will not tolerate a suicidal Men's Rule.

The Gods are angry.

And they know that we are hiding from them in our glass and stone religious sanctuaries of lies.