john rah essay

God of Gold
Moses went back to the Lord and said, "Alas, this people is guilty of a great sin in making for themselves a god of gold. Exodus ch 32 vs 31

To support myself through college, I worked part time and summers at the Coke plant. They had a good union and even though part timers and summer help weren't part of it, we got paid quite handsomely. And as long as the work got done, we could do how and as we pleased.

There was one part timer that seemed to be from another world. While the part time crew went at their job to get it done, he'd be off moving a broom in slow motion over the floor, trying to exert as little effort as possible and be as invisible as possible. Most of the part timers thought him an asshole. He knew it and seemed to enjoy it.

He was only there for the money. He was a lawyer by day and worked with us because he collected money. It was the only thing that mattered to him. He told me. He smiled when he told me. But a very sad smile. It was his only friend.

Money has been in our culture a long time. It is supposedly based on gold that governments stock piles in bunkers. The money, these government notes, belong to the government and represent this gold. The holder of the money can use it to get things such as food and lodging.

This is a good thing as we all know. In our culture we need money.

Not all cultures use money. Those cultures are being systematically rotted out by the money mafias. Organizations like The World Bank.

The World Bank invites its self into cultures that don't have money and simply lends it to them so American and other First World Companies can build things for these countries.

So that they know what it is to owe money.

Let's take an example. Guyana, South America.

About 12,000 years people lived there without money. Until the Europeans invaded. Bringing with their disease and guns, ship loads of slaves ripped out of Africa. After slavery had got a bad name, the British called it something else. Coolies from India.

When the British lost interest in rice growing, they gave the country back.

But not before nearly killing it.

Now Guyana, like most third world lands in the Western Hemisphere, likely every where else as well, suddenly had a crippling poverty.

They have been converted to Catholics so that they can have hope that death will save them. Or money.

No chance though. They have been put on the list of countries that can be plundered. The last few natives that don't want to believe the planet is 6,000 years old and belongs to the first world, are being shot.

Oil companies need their oil.

Mining companies need their gold and diamonds. Boxite. Thousand year old trees. Birds and animals for exotic pets and furs.

To make their poverty even more absurd, there is trillions of dollars worth of gold in the ground and their World Bank created debt is only a few billion.

A few polititians get paid off and the lumber simply disappears on ships heading for the Pacific.

Gold mining by Vanessa, dumping cyanide in the rivers, and taking the gold up to Canada.

The God of Gold says nothing matters but gold. Have no other gods before me.

Drive nations into the ground, murdering children and raping minds, leaving TV in exchange for everything.

This is how the first world prospers. A constant state of war. Propiganda. Lies and terror.

Those with the weapons make the rules. And it is genocide. The first world, with their silly plastic luxuries, believe things are okay. People in the third world know that it isn't okay. They also know that it isn't okay because we, the first world.

Are fucking them over.

All of us.

Because we have committed the great sin of building a false god out of Gold.

We will be punished. We are losing paradise before we wake up to the fact that we are here.

There is no god to save us.

Our only chance of salvation will have to come from us.

Ignorance and obedience to the merchants laws, the god of gold, will kill us.

Choice. Of course we have a choice.

Start by killing your television.