john rah essay

American Dream: Church of the Lie
"Give the peasants television."

TV antennas, satellite dishes, cables running through every home. The peasants are happy again. Eating their own shit. Brains drained and will broken. Learning to obey the Merchant's laws.

"Shit. They are getting bored again."

"Turn the news into world terror panic."

"Grand idea. If we can convince someone to down the towers, we can shut the eyes of the environment friendly pests and politely ignore the systematic plundering of every land and ocean."

The mistake is to believe that terror is new. The war lords have been ruling with terror through countless generations. Posing as royalty, they justify what might be justifiable to the peasants and kill them when they forget that they need only obey and follow the rules.

Work ethics.

Poetic Justice as written by the War lords.

Or the American Dream.

Definition: Home of the slaughtered Indian Braves, women, children, animals, land and water. Land of the Free enterprise.

Rivers filled with cyanide to collect bits of gold. As if gold mattered. Air plugged up with the burning of oil because everyone is Free to work to have a moving oil burning machine. Cars.

For the freedom, 60 hours working for the man. Every week. Layers of Slavery. Changing its face with the changing of the times. Still it is slavery.

And like it always is, the slavery serves very few. And to make it even more insane.

"Well, at least they have a job."

To fuck up the planet.

What is the American dream. Is it anything different than the Roman Empire. No. Military dictatorship made palatable with religious lies.

Running in circles. Generation after generation.

Slaves ripping the face of the planet off and pissing poison in the open wounds for pretty little bits of mineral or oil.

"At least the Eskimos finally have jobs. Black people can own their own television."

It's grim.

Work ethic says work, even if the only work there is, is working for the military or their industries.

The largest businesses on the planet all make weapons and rape the earth of resources to make war to turn everything into money and make money god and the ultimate law.

War is like cars. Cars burn up resources in their making and are designed to burn resources until they fall apart. War uses up war products. Billion dollar planes. Billion dollar ships. Billion dollar mini nukes.

Billions spent on war games.

The War Lords have made themselves the gods. And we have accepted their deity rapped in a cheep lie.

American Dream. Slaves rape the planet. Slaves free to watch television an choke on free to say nothing media.

"Anybody want to say anything bad about the government of free America will have hell to pay."

There is no American Government. There are War Lord puppets who

Make a show for the media.

You get to chose nothing. Vote if you like but you obey and vote what they say.

America. You are slaves.

There is no American dream. There is only Totalitarian Police Terror State. You are murdering strangers and yourselves for no other reason than to serve the War Lords.

The Pigs who own all the money and have all the control.

You can pretend democracy is real, or your godless church, if it makes it easier to be a slave.

But slaves you are.

With no free will.

Just obey and keep your eyes wide shut.

It is only Paradise you are missing and killing.

For a few sorry Pricks.