john rah essay

Stop Evolution with Creeds
"Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh." "I Am That I Am." "I Am Who I Am." "I Will Be What I Will Be." Said God to Moses. Exodus ch3 v4.

One of the problems with believing some bearded megalomaniac made the known universe is six days is dinosaurs. Why would God put million year old dinosaurs in million year old rock on a 6 thousand year old planet. Was he pissing with us.

No. The Church is pissing with us. Copernicus was murdered by the church when he pointed out that there was a universe.

"Hey. Look. A universe."

"Not important."

"But it's beautiful."

"Just another distraction for the peasants."

The church. Half of the US Americans and a good deal more around the planet refuse to believe that they have a brain that might actually be good for something.

Forget dinosaurs for a second and wonder about billions of galaxies with billions of stars. Some so far away that the light we see has been traveling for millions of years before it gets to us.

To make elements, heavy ones, stars have to blow up. Or in. Smash into one another. It takes billions of Earth years to get to the elements we have on this planet.

God can do anything, the Church freeks say.

Explain why he would want to make a universe that is billions of years old in 6,000 years. 6 days.

Was he in a hurry to watch idiots bash the shit out of each other. A real joker. Nothing better to do. Asshole.

God vs. Big Bang.

Sorry. No.

The thing ain't going to be nailed down by creeds. The universe most likely never started. Starting is a human concept. We can calculate the movements of the stars back 14 billion years to a point. The point may have been an over loaded black hole 28 billion years waiting to bust.

We are comprehending less than 1 percent of what our senses take in. We are in the 4th dimension. There may be 10 or 11. Maybe there are a few things that we still don't know.

Evolution. Why do we want to fight against it.

Because it's scary. And brutal.

And worst of all. It makes us responsible for ourselves.

I don't doubt that Moses talked to a bright red Bush. He was stressed. He had murdered a soldier of the Pharaol's, left his people and settled into married life knowing what he had seen was a horror. His people were slaves and it drove him to think about it. There had to be a better way. His rage took over his thinking. There was no face of God to see. He was hiding from himself. He knew that even if he was a man of few words, someone had to do something and he was someone. He was a visionary like many before him and many after him.


Life, as we define it, is inevitable given that a universe is how it is. it's a large place. It is full of energy. Break open a few atoms and you can incinerate a city. If that's the kind of thing you enjoy.

Little universes of energy.

The building blocks that fit perfectly together and simply.

I was sitting on a bench one day writing a book when I noticed someone standing in front of me.

"Are you writing."

"No. The secret police are watching me so I pretend I'm busy doing something."

"Can you make a dog out of a bucket of water."

"How about some wine, to start."

"That proves God made us."

"I see."

I saw I was talking to an idiot that was willing to dedicate his life to being ignorant, roaming the streets getting others to join his idiocy. Ignoring the heaven he was in for the promise of one when he was dead.

"I ain't joining."

"You'll have to go to hell."

"Been there."

Hell of confusion trying to understand why the creation lie was being sold after Copernicus opened the window to an infinite universe.

I can understand why Moses told his people God told him. They might not have been convinced to leave the comfort of Slavery to wander in the wilderness.

Perhaps it's the same reason Bushit, like Husane and Hitler and all the despots, side with the Church, Mosk or Synagogue. If they believe, the peasants, they will do as they are told. Slavery made pleasant. A purpose for the peasants.

If everyone was to use their head and not believe, they might no want to go over seas to murder, rape and steal from other countries. They might want to do something other than serve the war lords.

The war lords that own and dictate the lives of humans. A creature that fought millions of years, after billions to get this far.

Creation in 6 days to praise and fear our maker. I'll be fucked if I believe such a crock of shit.

Ignorance is a tool of the war lords. As is hunger and desperation of billions of humans.

They are evil bastards. They are killing the life of this planet and using the Church in whatever religion, to keep us from believing that there might be more than one bad assed war God.

We aren't as far as life can go.

Stop believing lies that support the War Lords.

The suicide War Pigs are mad.

Don't follow them.

There is a god. Beginner. With a few million million years of experience in each of us. It's a long way from one perfect god. And already much farther ahead.