john rah essay

War Pigs in Paradise
Undershaft: Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated. Dare you make war on war. Bernard Shaw

War was invented shortly after the advent of the killer primate we refer to as homo sapien sapien. Before we start criticizing ourselves, we should remember that we would be extinct a long time ago if we weren't killers. The killer instinct is survival in a developing Paradise.

We grouped together and quickly took over the planet. Intelligent killers rule. Over everything. At least as soon as we start with a religion that has a killer God. Not so many animals to kill, then the men can kill each other. To impress the women or to get away from them. To rape them, kill them, plunder and take their lands.

Which is okay.

Until now.

Now, as in the last few thousand years, we've come to a point where we can decide how to conduct our lives. We can choose not to hate.

Not because a God said. Most wars are fought for Gods. Mineral and oil resources. God, however they call the lie, is a pathetic excuse.

The Big Empires, like Spain's, England's, France's and those before, were rape, murder and plundering so that Empires could take whatever they wanted for no other reason than, they could.


As the American Empire takes all they can, nothing is different. Same religious lie. Rape, murder and plundering.

For no real reason.

The propaganda says terror. The CIA goes about teaching it so they got

Someone to kill.

Kill, kill, kill, for the man on the hill.

The ignorant soldiers think they are doing what they are told to do, for their country. Though many go just for raping and killing. Torture is hip as well. No reason, other they they like it. It's fun.

And the War Machine becomes World rulers.

The War Pigs decide where they'd like to go next, and off go the soldiers to kill. Peasants fill each other with new age bullets and the War Pigs get rich. There is no Power bigger than the War Pigs. Everyone sends money, buys weapons and keeps playing the same stupid game.

Kill, play religion and politics and rape the planet.

For a few hundred super rich murdering Pricks.

There is the question one often hears when touching on the subject of world dictatorship with this system we have. Who the hell is in control. The answer is hard to nail down. Obviously the Biggest Weapons and oil companies. But who really runs them. The system almost seems to run its self.

No one will admit to the responsibility. Verantwortung.

Most countries where Military commerce rules, most of them, have idiot marionette leaders. They are so obviously without any self knowledge that their presence is a mockery. Hateful morons with moron creed beliefs shouting hatred and threats to others with similarly idiotic creeds of myopic idiocy.

Children with weapons.

All right, let's go to one of the famous books of war and genocide. The Holy Scriptures.

The Israelites loved war. Like any other bunch of killer primates. They stopped at nothing to slaughter anyone they didn't like. Everyone else. To slaughter one city state, they promised their virgins if everyone in the city state got circumcised. They must have had some hot bitches 'cause the city state agreed to it.

And so what do the deceiving pricks do. They go in at night when all the men are in agony. Hardly able to move.

And murdered every man, woman and child.

Then they killed all the animals too.

And then they write it down for us to learn.

What. It's good to practice genocide. Especially on anyone who isn't from your tribe.

The war genocide event that everyone knows about is the Sodom and Gomorrah war. Slaughter.

The overlords simply wanted to. They, the city state dwellers, were bad people because they had dirty ancestors. Those ass buggering heathens. Reason enough even if there was no crime in their cities.

So Lot, who somehow managed to live there with his fat ass wife and virgin girls asks the overlords.

"Hey. Do you think it's necessary to kill them all."

"That's the business we are in. What is the use of having weapons of mass destruction if we can't mass destruct a few city states and control the planet with military terror."

"You guys know best."

What these lords knew best was how to keep people ignorant. And they had the best weapons. And they were fuckin' ruthless. Do how we say or we kill you all.

To show us how nice a fellow Lot was, he dumps his wife and goes up into the mountains to rape his two virgin daughters so they could make a couple more tribes.

Religion is a lie to justify genocide to the survivors.

Let's try the most controversial question.

Is it okay to be pissed at these hypocrites. Of course. Genocide is something we are slowly starting not to like. And it is as treacherous to kill 6 million Jews as it was for their ancestors to slaughter countless city states for thousands of years.

We aren't supposed to say anything antizion because of the second WW. Fuck that. No one is ever right or wrong when it comes to slaughtering. Everyone knows.

No one deserves hatred because of their beliefs. No one living on a planet with just a little surface and air has the right, if the word still has meaning, to construct creeds to justify genocide.

Belief is a smoke screen.

The overlords don't value Paradise. They lie and say one must die for it.

And the ignorant masses believe whatever lies they are sold. Religion, Television, Media, Material wealth. One thing contradicting the next. So the War Pigs can rape the planet of all its resources and.

And when the planet is dead, they will have proved that, with the magic of lies and better weapons.

Paradise can be turned into a burning hell.

The greatest crime of all.