john rah letter to

my dear lexus:

shit, piss, fuck.

fuck it. the fuckers are fuckin' fucked.

you are beautiful and i love you.

i'm running out of paper. i'll have to do something. i guess. funny thing is, things are becoming so obvious. what's left to say. what have we said so far.

we started with the idea that the usa empire sucks. they aren't brave or free. they thrive on war and hoarding of the planet's resources and wealth. they propigate ignorance and poverty. violence, subversion, genocide and something else.

the rest of the world plays their game.

the planet is dying.

more people listen to britney spears than rage against the machine.

i like bad grammar.

_peace duck stop_

jane and jill went up the hill
to sit upon the grass
jane got into jill's pants
and put her finger up her ass.

_flower stop_

i brutally murdered a fruit fly. not premeditated. my left hand snapped up and grabbed it out of the air without thinking about his or her family.

fuck 'em.

and anything that looks like it.

_peace duck stop_

they can be fuckin' with other nigger's shit. but they can't be fuckin' with mine. don't ask me. i don't fuckin' know.

_peace duck stop_

the first six words are misleading.

but only because it seemed necessary. to not prove a point. to show that something must be left open to interpretation.

i was thinking, if we think we've got a hostile environment here with nature, we

letter 01.34.02