john rah letter to

dear greg:

i remember one day on our bikes. it started raining and i knew in a few minutes we'd be drenched. and i liked the idea and wanted to ride slowly to let it happen. so you goes, but if we go fast, we can run into the rain in front of us. you likely didn't believe you.

i was thinking about your neighbor. you two didn't get along so well. he was a horse's ass to you, so the three of us were you and me or me and him. for some reason we got on. we seldom agreed. he was giving me a ride on his bike. down that hill. very fast with mad intent. and had i thought. i would have hung on and rode it out. instead, as we neared top speed, i bailed out. and rolled head over feet a few times. stood up and walked it off while sean, let him have a name, laughed and i think he thought i was the one that was crazy. silly of him.

i've done that once on a horse, a very long way from a hospital. and didn't even get a bruise. it was a weird and wonderful trip. it felt so good to be back in control.

i don't know man, i think we should get rid of cows. no shit. a few in india. a ranch or two in south america for the tourists. plant more goats. eat less cheese. why, i heard someone ask.

i'll tell ya. they got no fuckin' business in cold countries. leave the woods, eat a deer. fuck the cows. shave the sheep. lay your chickens. sell your meat.

just a couple ideas.

one we had here tonight. is philosophy any good for anything. now, i'd say, philosophy is like anything. good as long as you can get over it. and on with it. we see the scam. we can't ride it any more. now is the time to jump.

this is heaven. we are the angels. we are still pretty fuckin' stupid. but we'll get over it. this head with a mind thing is far out.

_peace duck stop_

so many things one can do. oddly, we do very little. doing little is like being on a holiday. and that's not so bad. i'm on holiday now. take down a few notes, singing a song or two. i've got more pain than i need. and less women.

just louis armstrong and two candles. i may move on to monty python next. there is something very soothing about their view of the world. i may be avoiding progress. i keep starting. how long does it take for it to go.

does anyone have more than one thing to say.

do we discriminate against fish.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.29.02