john rah letter to

dear heather:

it has been a very long time since i wrote you. it has been almost as long since i last saw you. my guess is that you decided to get married and make a family. you certainly could charm a man. i hadn't even seen your beautiful face before i was charmed.

_peace duck stop_

what happens to people. let's see. first they are born. then they grow up and do stuff. like sex. or get a job. or write. then later, they are old. eventually, they all die.

there is a woman.

and the moon is fading from alignment. i fade with it. today, i'm a little fady. i had a beautiful run in the woods. i tried to understand what was happening. get my head to be aware that the body was running. near the end. i almost ate the dirt. caught my foot and.

whatever. no one knows who the kanzler is. yet. news gets around eventually.

heather. shall we go out for a tea the next time we are in the same city. how many cities do you exist in. most of mine are somewhere else.

_peace duck stop_

hard to imagine with one's nose against a wall.
has anyone ever written you a love song.
it would be inappropriate for me to be the one.
so we will leave this before it gets wrong.

_bunny stop_

you were so wonderful at the birthday party.

_peace duck stop_

can you spell niederlassungserlaubnis. i used to have an aufenhaltselaubnis. apparently things are getting better. not in the country of your birth. there they assume everyone coming into the country is a potential threat. how many people in the usa have a job gathering information about people. just the government employed.

police state heißt das.

usa is a totalitarian police state.

i ain't the first to say it. bill hicks was censored years ago. maybe less people believed him. even if it was already fuckin' obvious.

but unlike nazi germany, the usa speaks english. most people speak it. if you don't include the few billion who don't. so we can talk to those trapped inside. i'm certain there is still time to escape the country. the land of opportunity. if you belong.

minorities are the majority. and many americans would support them. us.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.28.02