john rah letter to

fuck george:

i was thin king. what if i wrote you a letter here. it won't be easy to sell you as an angel. but who knows. many impossible things are true. me, i'm one. another is you.

i'm guessing here, there is nothing i know. everyone has their act in the show.

you are possessed by idiocy.

till now they've found no cure for this. let's talk about it anyway. take your shoes off and put your feet on your desk while someone reads this to you.

it hurts to write you. it's a little cold for this time of year.

genocide by any name for any name is not conducive behaviour for non-idiots. we have developed social skills for communication. true it isn't easy. we seem to always be fighting through the ages. you are only doing as your father before you. who did it like his father before him.

shit man. be different. fuck 'em up real good.

change the image of america from being the big hypocritical murdering villains to a nation that feeds all nations. legalizes condoms. industrializes marijuana. exploits alternative energies. builds a moon city with open boarders from all directions.

just take the military machine and turn it into space building.

we've given it good thought.

now is the time to write war into history books for the last time. it's a three year opportunity to really throw the world for a loop.

george w. bushit. made history today when, before the world press he said: fuck. i was thinking. maybe we don't gotta make war no more. i wanna go to the moon.

a team of scientists will likely want to examine your head to see if you actually have a brain. and any indication of rational.

who do we have to kill.

till later man. and remember. for many, you are a war criminal. we all have our faults. i try to work on mine man.

you gotta work on you. what you are doing. won't do.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.27.02