john rah letter to

dear stevie:

by the time you get to this letter, you will be my age. you'll remember me as that strange person who came to see you while you played in the little brook in the woods.

i read today that the 500 richest people in the world make as much money as 416 million of the poorest. and these people. the rich ones, refuse to let everyone have drinking water. they need their starvation and brutal hopelessness to give their luxury more value. you'll see strangers who want to kill you because you have done nothing to change things.

what things, you may ask.

don't ask me.

find the secret behind the lie.

_peace duck stop_

paris hilton. a few years ago, one would think of a hotel. now one might think of a dippy girl who does porno for the internet and other less than amazing things to entertain a cheep pop media. if i came from a poor land where my sister had her head blown off for stealing milk from an army officer that had rape her, i might wonder if paris hilton wasn't mocking me. or she does. and the cheep media and board people who are desperate for dirty laundry, as they used to call it.

it seems a little too decadent. wasteful. considering we have finite resources, it could be seen as a crime. my guess is, more people will find her disgusting than appealing.

the high life. the upper class. it seems once again to be getting out of control. maybe some who still know how to read might remember the fuckin' spanish. i'm not referring to those with illegal nets in our waters. but the fuckin' murderers who pillaged a large part of the america. leaving countless dead and ever lingering poverty. so they, the upper class could piss it away with their high life.

this, to me, does not sound very intelligent or besonders vorschlich. it's a piss poor way to be. there are so many ways to be. many not yet tested. this brutal abuse of humans and resources is passe. enough.

_peace duck stop_

letter 01.26.02