john rah letter to

dear karnah:

most people don't really believe in angels. unless they have seen you. and you don't believe it because being you seems normal for you. or i'd guess it must.

it surprises me to see how we react with one another. one might think we were made for one another. like we knew each other before we met. this sort of thing always sounded stupid, especially as a come on line. we've crossed that line at a different bridge. or boat. or swimming.

and what i said about them watching, that's why we can't fly. in a way, it's true. maybe in a few ways.


_peace duck stop_

i don't know where to take it from here.

this crossing over from what is how it is, this physical reality that defines our parameters. and the non-thing thing that's an old story that hasn't happened here yet. being in control. everything means various things from various angles.

should we get naked.


everything is foreplay. if it isn't after or in it play.

i know the rules are: one can only be in love with one person. after jesus.

unless you're an angel, then it would be crazy not to be i love with you. i may end up in a monastery yet.

_fish stop_

fish lost at sea.

karnah. i had two twin eggs yesterday. does an egg with two yokes make two chickens. not without being fertilized of course, but have you ever seen two chicks come out of one cell.

i saw a kid come out of a goat. my friend was helping the mother goat. i think that was the kid that followed him around. goats are pretty smart. smarter than your average sheep. i knew a girl, later when she was a woman. who, when she was a girl, took her goat to school. with. it wasn't a normal school. neither was she. maybe part of her attraction. more than anything, i don't think i felt ever. she was someone who fit into my way of seeing. a freak of nature not visible to all.

she was sexy too.

but i shouldn't think of her while writing to you.

in fact. i should relax for a piece of time.

_peace duck stop_

ich will ein satz in deutsch schreiben.

now i would like to see ink flow onto the paper. i looked through the frankfurter allesindgemein. one of the articles was on the topic weapons.

letter 01.25.02