john rah letter to

dear jerry:

drugs are more real than tv. i need a nap. i'm doing the lactic acid trip. i collect it in the woods. at a pretty good pace. not like jimmy. more like someone else who is about as fit as me. maybe not as good looking. it doesn't matter.

jose wombat for world president.

_peace duck stop_

fick all. i'm too many in love. if any of this was true.

i exposed myself to tv again. it's a horrible thing. mostly i zapped. ccn and bcc pop news. the trouble is, with tomorrow un's 60th. is everyone, well, most. are fuckin' wankers. or lying bastards. and that's before the marketing.

_bunny stop_

i'm gonna go see a fiasco tomorrow. a somewhat immature politician. most of them are so full of hot air. he's one of them.

i saw bushit with the prime minister, unless he has a different title. i can't keep them all in my head. iraq. you'll fuckin' do what i say. i'm the president of the usa. i'm an idiot, everyone know it's true. no one can guess what i will or won't do. the news around the world is pointing at me. i'm the president of the land of the free.


number one industry. military equipping. we got the biggest and best guns, planes, tanks and ships. we can fuck your mother and get away with it.

i'm having trouble caring to waste ink on bushit.

totalitarianism is getting fuckin' tedious. not to mention dangerous. so let's not honour them here.

let's do a classic beispiel:

thirty percent of the animals aren't the other 70. sorry. am i repeating myself again. how many time was it.

the universe.

it's like it always was. off or on. like this or something else.

the west has 800,000,000 people. the east has about 7 times more.

ende beispiel.

i could explain where the beispiel originated or i can tell you a story about an adventure down a mountain after digging three women out of an avalanche. they were on a trip. first time in canada. they had all studied in european universities. i knew they were coming. they had booked a room in my little by the mountain motel.

letter 01.24.02