john rah letter to
mr. sandman

dear mr. sandman :

i was doing fine. then i realized i was me. addicted to chocolate and fish. and the chocolate is keeping me from having a washboard stomach. i've got a washing machine instead.

i don't know how many hours. more than a day.

are you still alive. i know you must be almost my age by now. what's early enough if we're fit. and it is the world that's crazy. i've got proof it ain't me.

_duck stop_

self control would be easier if i didn't have to be me. but other than some lonely days, life is usually cool. i can't say why what is. that's not a question. how many cans of fish is a good question. if you crave fish. now i don't. just the need for love hasn't been satisfied today.

anyhow, you still got my picture. and letter. and i want 'em.

a mind can be a thing.

to wonder about.

_duck stop_

dick's holy berton, the oil leach company, announced, with their marketing managers bushit and romp in the field, that they would like to increase terrorism with the use of bombs of the e=mc squared type. the kind they first tested on sodom and gomorrah.

oh. you didn't know that.

often when a power is in panic, they simply revert to mass genocide. that and plundering. usa. the most chaotic, dangerous organized crime disorganisation on the planet.

they won't have the balls to impeach him.

even if it would improve protocol over night.

balls are history.

i could have stopped there. normally i would. but all rules are general and must be tryed.

terrorism is a word that one will soon avoid using if one don't want the cia, nsa, pms or abc's visiting one's phone, e-mail or web site.

not all secret service people are idiots though. many of them are well educated and believe in their purpose. so i invite you. antikult is open to all. it is only an experiment in free thinking in a slave world.

usa has supported terror since i can remember. central america was often in the news back when we were in school. whoever made oil deals got the support. kill the rest and terrorize the workers so they are happy to pick the cash crops to send to usa and canada.

letter 01.23.02